Anita Hassanandani Indirectly Reveals If She Is Participating In 'Nach Baliye 9' With Her Ex-BF

Out of the very few 'revealed celebs', 'Nach Baliye 9' will see Anita Hassanandani shaking a leg with her masked partner. But who would her partner be? Find out!


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Anita Hassanandani Indirectly Reveals If She Is Participating In 'Nach Baliye 9' With Her Ex-BF

All of us are waited with bated breath to unmask the masked partners of our favourite celebrities in the Nach Baliye 9 teasers. Every now and then, we keep on updating you the titbits on the inside scoops of the upcoming show. While every year its celebs shaking a leg with their baliyes, this year’s interesting format has certain celebs dancing with their ex-baliye’s too and we just can’t keep calm! Out of the very few ‘revealed celebs’, Nach Baliye 9 will see Anita Hassanandani shaking a leg with her masked partner. But who would her partner be? Let’s find out! (Do Read: Urvashi Dholakia's Family Is Very Happy With Her Participation With Ex, Anuj Sachdeva In Nach Baliye)

There were many reports of Anita Hassanandani’s participation in the previous seasons of Nach Baliye. And adhering to our wishes, the diva is indeed participating in the upcoming season of the dance reality show! The teaser about featuring Anita has her and partner, disguised in snake masks (probably from her stint in Naagin), which made us wonder if the stunner is participating with her ex-lover or hubby, Rohit Reddy. In a latest interview, Anita blurts out the truth.



In an interview with TellyChakkar, Anita Hassanandani talked about the concept of ex and current jodi in Nach Baliye 9 and indirectly revealed if she will be seen with her ex-beau. Anita shared, “I have watched all the seasons of Nach Baliye in bits and pieces. I find the concept very interesting and how much hard work couples put to bring out the best on stage. It feels great to be part of the show.” Revealing further, Anita stated, “I think it is a very cool concept and good to see that people are getting evolved. Via dance, you can become friends. However, as far as I am concerned, I would never participate in a show with my ex.” Well, now we know who is going to her partner!

Anita in Nach Baliye

Like we shared, Anita Hassanandani has stated that she was approached by the makers of Nach Baliye, many a time. Revealing why she couldn’t take it to the project earlier, the Yeh Hain Mohabbatein actress stated, “I love to dance and I always wanted to be a part of Nach Baliye but couldn’t take it up earlier due to prior commitments. Now that I have more time on hand with less commitments, I can focus entirely on Nach Baliye and do justice to all the performances. Also, this show is produced by Salman Khan and Bani J and I simply had to do it!”

club hopping

Anita Hassanandani had also shared, “I was offered Nach Baliye in past but my Baliye was never ready. It took many years to convince him. But it’s all about the right timing. Naagin just ended and a show like Nach Baliye requires a lot of time and hard work. You can’t do two shows at a time.” About Anita’s hard-core prep up, she shared, “I am dancing after a really long time so using this time to work on myself and warm up my body. I’m trying to give my best in everything my choreographers are teaching me.” (Must Read: Pooja Ghai Shares The First Full Family Picture From Her Wedding With Nowshir, They Look So Happy)


It is also speculated that Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy are the highest paid celebs on Nach Baliye 9, with a payment of whopping Rs 30 lakh per week! About the same, a source had stated, “Anita was approached even in the earlier seasons, however, it didn’t materialise. This year, the makers have offered her a good amount to participate in the show, which she couldn’t refuse.”

Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy

Talking about Anita Hassanandani and her hubby, Rohit Reddy, everytime we see them, it makes us go all ‘awww’ about them! There’s was a total filmy love story and this is what Rohit had shared in an interview, “I had seen her in the gym and fell for her stunning Indian looks. Then one day I saw her outside a pub, waiting for her car and decided to approach her. I went like a hero and approached her with the corniest lines she was startled. That was a brief encounter; I followed it up with a message on Facebook. I had no idea she is an actor, as all I ever watched on TV was news. My mom is a TV addict and knew all about her.”

Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy

There was a particular incident in Anita Hassanandani’s life which had made her realise that Rohit Reddy is ‘the one’ for her. The Krishna Cottage star herself had shared in an interview, “I used to love drinking in my younger days. This one night I went overboard and got into a fight with Rohit. It was all my mistake. Woke up the next day, apologised to him saying ‘I’m sorry Rohit I’ll give up drinking if you want’. He replied saying, ‘No you don’t have to give up on anything for me. Just try staying in control. You are a public figure, you have to be careful,’ –  and that was the moment I knew he’s my man! Who loves me for ME; with all the flaws? He didn’t want me to change a thing for him. It’s been 6 years and the only change in me is that I’m a better, a more positive person. Not only that, I’m more successful than I used to be!” (Also Read: Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya Burst Out Crying When Vivek Dahiya Was Hospitalised, Says That It Was Scary)

Anita and Rohit

Anita and Rohit, we love you! Can’t wait to see both of you in your dancing best!

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