7 Types Of Groups You Will Find In Every Indian Wedding


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7 Types Of Groups You Will Find In Every Indian Wedding

A group of aunties standing in one corner, a bunch of uncles sitting at the table, and certain groups of relatives laughing and gushing in one corner of the pandal or anywhere else; this is one common scenario that you will witness at every Indian wedding. Isn’t it? In fact, you will find many people hanging out together in a group observing, and talking about different things during weddings.

Want to know what type of groups we are talking about? Just keep reading.

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#1. The gossip group

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This group mostly consists of middle-aged aunties. Be it some juicy story about the bride or the groom, these aunties will make sure they get each and every detail about it. Their only point of interest in the marriage is to know about the bride or the groom’s family, his/her past, some inside story, and so on. Gathering every bit of news related to the marriage from different sources is their prime duty.

#2. The food critics

types of groups in indian weddings
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Food brings them together! Just one spoon of the dish and you will hear them say, “So-so hai, isse achcha to Vermaji ke beti ki shaadi mein tha”, “kitna oily banaya hai”, “maza nahi aya khane mein, quality achchi nahi hai”, and so on. They will taste most of the food items and comment about them with weird facial expressions. And if at all they do like some dish, they will take some time to openly praise it.

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#3. The fun gang

types of groups at indian weddings

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You love this group! For them, marriages mean having fun. They will dance like no one is watching, pull the leg of the groom or the bride, will actively participate in games (if any), drag others on the dance floor, give funny poses with the bride and the groom, and what not! You will always see a smile and expression of joy on their faces. You just love having them at your wedding. They make the whole ambience cheerful.

#4. The bachcha party

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All the cousins will be hanging out doing almost everything together. The young ones will be working under the guidance of the elder ones. Everyone will take part in planning and plotting things for joota chupai, bringing the groom to the mandap, or any other such activity. You will always find all the cousins together all the time. After all, it is their sister/brother’s wedding!

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#5. The political group

types of groups at indian weddings
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All the political issues will be discussed by them. Be it inflation, PM’s visit, elections, or any other political issue, every matter will be discussed on this table. Everyone will give their expert opinion and share their views. While some will agree, others will not. The marriage and its functions do not interest them much. They are just there because they have been invited. From the beginning of the marriage till the time they leave, political discussions keep them going.

#6. The photo-wale

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Achi photo lena”, or “Camerawale aise photo lena” are a few lines that you hear the people of this group saying. They will even take selfies with bride, groom, family members, or even with some interesting décor in the wedding. They just love to pose.

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#7. The advisory board

types of groups at indian weddings
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You might see them hanging around the time of rituals. They will keep advising about what should be done next in the ritual. The more the number of people, more the number of suggestions. Other than this, you will see them giving advice or asking others, “Shaadi kab kar rahe ho, age to ho gayi”, “Shaadi ki umar nikalne se pehle karlo shaadi. Kab tak akele rahoge”, or any such similar advice. They love to flaunt their shaadi gyan to others.

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So, do you remember seeing such groups in the weddings you attended recently? We are sure you must have. And if not, you are soon going to. Apart from these, what all groups have you seen at weddings? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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