8 Ways On How To Deal With A Rejection In An Arranged Marriage Set Up


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8 Ways On How To Deal With A Rejection In An Arranged Marriage Set Up

Rejection of any kind can be very disheartening. Especially, if a girl has to face it when it comes to getting married in an arranged marriage set-up. Getting rejected by someone you hardly know creates a lot of doubts about one’s self-worth. And, not feeling good about yourself or doubting how wonderful you are as a person, can leave you shattered and even ,make you lose hope of ever getting married someday. But as they say, good or bad, take everything in life with a pinch of salt! Yes, it is devastating at a certain level. But, everything happens for a reason and always believe that there lies a silver lining behind every cloud. So, to help you understand that getting rejected is not the end of the world, we get you some wonderful tips to deal with this kind of rejection!

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#1. Accept it with dignity and grace

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If the guy did not like you for some reason, let it go. You need to act mature at such a time and accept that there must be some sane reason behind it. Carry yourself with utmost dignity, and even if it affects you, at least do not let it show on your face or in your behaviour.

#2. It is okay to feel bad and cry out loud

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Keeping your tears pent up will only make you more miserable. Let it all flow out. It is okay to feel hurt and to cry your guts out when you feel like. Moreover, you will feel more relieved and lighter once you do so!

#3. Update your online profile

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If you feel that the cause of the rejection was an old online profile with a picture that is even older than your profile date, get on the Internet right away and update all your details. People need to see the real you and not the five years older version of you.

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#4. Talk to your loved ones

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Talking about your sorrows, miseries and griefs to your near and dear loved ones can be therapeutic at this time. Someone who just listens to you and does not give unwanted advice, someone who says it is okay to cry and lends you a shoulder, and tells you that all will be well once you are feeling better!

#5. Think about the positive side

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Well, if you got rejected and are not supposed to marry anytime soon, think of it as a plus point. As of now, you get to study more, travel more, party hard and do all the things that you need to be before you settle down. Now isn’t that also exciting?

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#6. Explain your situation to your parents

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Do you really want to get married? Are you old enough, are you mentally prepared? If not, then in a way, consider yourself lucky that it did not work out. Let your parents know that you need some more time and that you have a lot more things to do and see in life before settling down.

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#7. Believe in yourself

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You are a wonderful, strong, confident, charismatic, beautiful, loving, kind and fabulous person. Yes, we are talking about you, and by all means all of the above. So, be confident of yourself and know your self-worth. You are better off single for a little more time than being with someone who rejected the gorgeous you!

#8. Believe in destiny

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Maybe this relation was not meant to be, maybe God has some other plans for you and a better guy awaits to enter your life. Believe in yourself and believe that there is a reason for whatever goes wrong in life. Good times are just round the corner, so do not waste your tears on someone who does not deserve them.

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Cheer up girl! As they say, 'There are plenty of fish in the sea'. You will soon find the person you are destined to be with, and that will be the most beautiful phase of your life. So, have faith and lots of hope and enjoy life’s unfolding surprises!

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