Top Reasons Why You Must Have A Wedding Website


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Top Reasons Why You Must Have A Wedding Website

Wedding is one of the most important and beautiful events for every bride and groom. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. That is why; every couple wants to capture and share all the fun, frolic and excitement in the best way possible. A wedding album might solve the purpose but nothing can beat owning a personalised wedding website. Yes, a personalised wedding website! A site where you can share detailed information about your love and marriage story, your wedding preparations, and your special moments with your dear ones.

Share your wedding story

On your wedding website you get to share your love story with your family and friends. Tell them how you both met, how you fell in love, who was the first person to say those three magical letters, and who blushes the most!

If you have met your life partner through an arranged marriage setup then a wedding website can be the best platform to tell your loved ones about your partner. You can start from sharing your first meeting details to your courtship days, and to what made you two 'click'!

Use this website to just spill out details about your big day in a trendy way, and let the world know all about it. Here you can also take everyone through your D-day preparations, from shopping to decorations. You can even tell them about what all events you are planning, share your photographs and videos, and can even have impromptu quizzes and polls for your family and friends!

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Exciting benefits for you and your guests

If you think that the website will just be limited to storytelling, then you are mistaken. You can do so many other things with your website like sending beautiful online wedding invites to your family and friends (yes, a great way to save some money!), sharing videos, and creating guest list. You can also give directions for wedding events venues here, managing RSVPs and finally making a guest book so that the your guests can shower their blessing on you.

Quick Tip: Since you can share your photographs and videos right here, you can create a special video to invite your guests here.

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Your website is 'forever'

Now, a wedding website is not only about your wedding and wedding day, it is a lifelong platform for you two to stay connected with your wedding memories and with your loved ones. After your wedding day, you can transform your beautiful wedding website into your family website. You can also share moments from your new life together with your special ones right here, including your honeymoon photos as well.

Even years later, you or anyone can revisit the site and take a walk down the memory lane to relive those moments. You can use this site to break the news of pregnancy and to flaunt your baby bump as well. You can upload pictures of your children as well. It would be like a family website which you can see anytime, anywhere while sipping a cup of coffee with your family or simply sitting alone and trying to recall those memorable days.

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A few points to know

But while making a wedding website, keep few things in mind. The website should reflect your personality. It should tell something about you, your marriage and the rituals. So, be careful while selecting the themes for your web page. After all, it is your wedding website and it should make you happy and satisfied every time you see it. Also, go for a website that is user-friendly, easy to operate, and loaded with practical features that are updated with time to time.

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A perfect wedding souvenir

So, if you have set your mind and are ready to make your wedding website, then go online and browse through the options. There are some renowned websites like, which offer the customers a free website for 30 days. And thereafter, you can choose from various budget-friendly packages to continue it for as many years as you want. In just 15 minutes you have your own dream wedding website and that too with a personalised domain name.

A lasting memory, a personalised website of your own, privilege of sharing every experience, letting your loved ones know about all the buzz surrounding your wedding and able to read their good wishes even after many years, well having a website dedicated to you, your wedding and your life definitely has its own benefits. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up (Click here) and create your own wedding website and make your wedding an affair to remember!

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