11 Smart Ways For Women To Judge The Character Of The Guy They Meet In An Arranged Marriage Setup


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11 Smart Ways For Women To Judge The Character Of The Guy They Meet In An Arranged Marriage Setup

Arranged marriages sometimes tend to scare a lot of women. After all, the thought of getting married to a guy your parents have chosen for you, someone you have just met, and whom you are going to spend the rest of your life, can make anyone nervous (It sounds scary, but it need not necessarily be bad to have an arranged marriage. Click here to know WHY)! But, it is still your right to make the final call whether or not you are ready to marry the guy chosen for you. And for doing so, you need to be absolutely sure of what qualities to look for in your future husband, and does your potential groom have all or any of those? So to help you make the right choice, we get you some smart ways that can help you judge your would-be husband’s character, and then decide if he is the man of your dreams or not.

#1. How he deals with his anger

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Does he get aggressive, starts to throw things and tantrums, does he resort to gulping down gallons of alcoholic drinks or does he maintain his cool and react on the matter when he is completely cool and calm later? This is important to observe because if he is an aggressive person, he might end up hurting you sometime in the future.

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#2. And with you when he is angry

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You also need to be observant about his behaviour with you whenever he is angry. Does he scream or shout at you, does he hold you responsible for what went wrong, do you feel unsafe to be around him at that moment? If yes, would you want to live under that sort of fear your entire life?

#3. His nature with his own pets

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A man who is compassionate towards the creatures that do not have a voice or choice is the one to be with. Does he treat his pets and stray ones too with care? Does he tie them up the entire day and delay their meals; does he treat them like his own babies? Be cautious to observe all this as it will show you how compassionate he is!

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#4. How he talks about your family

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He will obviously be very alert and cautious when he talks to you about them in the beginning, as it might cost him the relationship. But even then, try to pay heed on the tone that he uses for them. Does he include them in the planning, does he respect and appreciate all that they are already doing and will do to make the wedding a success? After all, you would not want to end up with a guy who cannot speak well of your folks!

#5. People he hangs out with

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His group of friends, their mannerisms, their habits and vocations will also speak volumes about the type of person he is and what kind of people he likes to hang out with. Good or bad, are you comfortable with his kind of company is what you need to decide.

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#6. If he asks you to dress, talk, eat and more in a certain way

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Why would you want to change yourself for a person you hardly know? Wouldn’t it be better to marry a guy who falls for you for the way you are? Love yourself and know that you are an amazing person just the way you are. The only guy who accepts and values you for the person you are is the one to be with.

#7. How he talks and associates with the other women in his life

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Apart from you, the other females he associates with, for example, your friends, his female friends and colleagues, etc., try to observe if he is too touchy-feely kind of a person with them? Does he maintain a respectable distance? Does he like to hang out more with them than with you? You be the judge of all the answers to the above questions!

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#8. How he behaves with people around you

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Especially with strangers, like waiters in a restaurant, the taxi driver, the fellow at the drycleaners who misplaced his shirt, etc.! His tone, choice of words and attitude towards all will speak volumes about his character.

#9. Whether or not he is the ‘I, me, myself’ types

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And, if ‘’he’’ is the only thing he brags about all day long, we are sure you would not want to be with him! After all, who can tolerate a guy who cannot see anything past his own self and pays no attention whatsoever to you?

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#10. How he likes to spend his free time

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Does he stay home all day without having a bath, does he like to see action movies all day long, does he call you up to make a plan or does he prefer to stay and work at the office even on a Sunday? All this will let you know whether you two have similar interests or not, and how well will you both gel up with each other after marriage.

#11. He plays blame games

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When anything goes wrong at his workplace, at home or with his friends, he always has someone to curse and blame, and never accepts that even he is human and is bound to make mistakes. Such a person will hold you responsible for everything that goes wrong in your relationship and marriage throughout your life.

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All these might sound like small things or gestures, but they will tell you a lot about his personality. And, because you do not have a lot of time to get to know each other before you get hooked, these pointers and observations will speed up the process of your getting to know him better. So, the next time you meet your potential husband, do not forget to notice all these things in him!

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