7 Things All Women Can Learn From Kangana Ranaut's Queen


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7 Things All Women Can Learn From Kangana Ranaut's Queen

One of the most successful Bollywood flicks of 2014, Queen, uncovered a story of a naive girl, who is left heart-broken when her fiancé calls off their wedding right after the mehendi ceremony. She is a girl who is followed around by her plump baby brother wherever she goes. And, she finally steps out into the 'big bad world' after deciding to go on her 'Honeymoon' alone.

This girl from Delhi’s Rajouri Garden, who finds freedom, happiness and her very own new self, is Rani aka Queen. The middle-class family, Punjabi wedding scene, commitment-phobic man, and tear-jerking drama, may not be anything new, but the route that this story takes is definitely one from which every girl can learn something. So, all the girls out there who are waiting to fall in love, or are in love, or are trying to get over a heart break, here is what the Queen has to say to you.

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#1. 'You' are your biggest happiness

Never depend on a man for your happiness, even if he is your life partner (or potential soulmate!). There are a lot more chances you can find happiness within yourself, and other things and people around you than that one person alone. You need not be a sizzling babe, nor do you need to meet a super-hot hunk to be happy. Happiness is to be perfectly content with yourself just as you are. 

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#2. Meet 'yourself'

It is very important to know, understand and most importantly, explore yourself to be happy with someone else. Traveling to new places, meeting new people, and collecting different experiences develops your personality, and your outlook towards life. It is important to “meet yourself” before you meet “the one” to whom you would want to submit yourself in love.

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#3. Not always about 'happily ever after'

Queen is not a love story. It is a film that tells you that a girl does not need a love story (or a handsome stranger) to make her life fantastic or complete! Rani does have bits and pieces of flickering romance, complete with a few “violin” moments (and, her first kiss with a sexy Italian!). But, take things like she does. She takes these experiences as a part of life, and not life itself!

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#4. There is more to a tragedy

Maybe getting dumped or not having things turn out the way you dreamt, is for the best after all! At times, it is the worst things that can bring out the best in you. Queen is filled with such moments that tell you every cloud has a silver lining. And, soon you begin to realise that the cool dadi had already told you that everything in life happens for the good. So, when Rani's marriage is called off, she picks up those already packed bags and goes for her honeymoon alone, and much to her surprise, she got the experience of a lifetime.

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#5. Importance of freedom

Freedom is not to be able to do whatever you want, but to be able to be who you truly are. Living on your own for at least a little while is therefore, not a bad idea! You need to get out of your comfort zone and loose those crutches that make you feel safe. Freedom pushes you to be strong, independent and brave. And from all the mistakes you make while you are completely free, it connects you with yourself.

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#6. Your 'friends' are always going to be there

Whether you are single, dating, or married, you need your girls; and not just your girls, but your guy friends too. Rani meets the interesting and carefree Vijaylakshmi in Paris, and they become close friends. Vijaylakshmi, lifts her up in her difficult times and turns her into a much stronger and confident person. She also shows her how to have a good time! In Amsterdam, Rani ends up with three men as her flatmates. It is something new for this conventional and traditional Indian girl, but she ends up discovering a beautiful bond of friendship with the opposite sex. So, never underestimate the role that your friends play in your life.

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#7. 'Girl, you are strong'

Fairer sex is the weaker one, says who? Whether you see the ladies in your home or the ones running nations or those winning medals for the country, women are in no way weak. And, Queen reiterates this very thing that you so often forget. No matter how bad things get, you can always face and fight turmoil, and turn things around to achieve happiness. When a woman puts her mind to it, she can have whatever she wishes for, whether it is fighting a mugger, getting over the broken heart, or finding confidence to dance in a nightclub in a kurti. The choices you make in life can turn your life around- either the glorious way or the conventional way. It all depends on what you choose to make of it.

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Experience can make many versions of you– versions that are closer to the real you or better than what you are right now. Queen tells you that the world is your playground. No matter where you come from or who you are, just let go and have fun, and you may be surprised with what your life turns out to be, and who you turn out to be!



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