7 Sure Shot Signs That Will Tell You That Your Guy Is A Mama’s Boy


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7 Sure Shot Signs That Will Tell You That Your Guy Is A Mama’s Boy

As a little girl, many of you might have imagined that you will someday meet your ‘Raj’, just like ‘Simran’ does in the movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. But, in the real world, it is not an easy task to find that 'perfect' love of your life. And, when you do find  'the one', the world seems to become the most wonderful place to be in.

But, what if this love that he has for you is equally divided and diverted towards someone else too? What if your guy is a diehard mama’s boy and does not like to move an inch before knowing what his mom would feel about it? Well, to give you a better idea about what mama’s boys are like, we bring you here the signs to look out for!

#1. He needs her opinion on everything

If he needs to get his mama dearest’s opinion on what to wear, what to eat, where to eat and so on and so forth, it is quite possible that he may not even have a glass of water without consulting her. So, let this be a warning sign. 

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#2. His affection seems more towards her than you

Which guy does not love his mom? But, what if he gets more affectionate with her than he is with you by giving her a little hug or a peck on her cheek every now and then? He may even choose to spend his birthday with just his mom or celebrate his success with her alone. If that be the case, then your alarm bells should definitely start ringing.

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#3. He ‘always’ takes her side 

Whenever you three are in the midst of a discussion, even if he is trying to weigh your opinions, his scales may always tip towards his mom. In short, what mama says is always right! Does that happen a lot with you too? Well, then what more signs do you need to identify that your guy is definitely a mama's boy.

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#4. She accompanies you on your dates

Well, you obviously will not mind your potential mother-in-law’s company to an outing or two. But, if your guy insists on taking her along on every dinner date, movie and shopping spree, he might as well just take only her then, why even bother taking you along!

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#5. He involves her in your life

By your interactions with his mother, if you can make out that all that you are telling him, he is sharing with his mom, then something is definitely not right! Understand that he is telling her about each and every cosy moment you both enjoy, and even every argument you both have. Maybe, you will soon discover that she knows more about what your guy thinks about your relationship than you ever knew through all those years you have spent with him.

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#6. Your advice does not seem to get to his ears

When you two sit down to discuss serious matters regarding your relationship, your respective careers, your finances or your future, the only two people who should have the maximum say should be you and your guy. But, there is this third person too (read: his mom) who influences all his decisions regarding your life. Maybe, you both decided that you will pool in money to buy a house but his mom suddenly suggests that its better that you plan to buy a car. And so a car it is! If you find yourself stuck in a similar situation, well then, need we say more?

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#7. He is not willing to change

In a relationship, both the partners need to make certain adjustments and change themselves to make their bond better. They do it to make each other happy. But, in your case, you may have noticed that none of what you tell him is followed. For instance, he may never ever enter the kitchen to help you with the chores only because 'his mom never expected him to'. Or he may downright refuse to put his towel to dry and just leave it lying around on the bed only because his mom 'always did it for him'. Ah! well, have we sent your mind into an overdrive?

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This was just a little fun-filled trailer of the actual scenario. Everything is nice if done within limits. But, if you think his mom's interference is getting too much to handle you might just want to discuss matters with him, to resolve the situation. Handle the whole thing with loads of patience and love, and you might just be able to wean him away for good.

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