Malvika Sitlani Reveals Real Reason For Divorce With Akhil During Pregnancy: 'You Just Grow Apart..'

Famous fashion influencer, Malvika Sitlani first time talked about the real reason behind her divorce from Akhil during her pregnancy.


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Malvika Sitlani Reveals Real Reason For Divorce With Akhil During Pregnancy: 'You Just Grow Apart..'

Famous fashion influencer, Malvika Sitlani has been through a lot since last year. She not only hopped onto the role of a mother but also went through a separation from her longtime lover and husband, Akhil Aryan. Another highlight of Malvika's not-so-rosy journey was her postpartum; she struggled to get through the whole journey and developed an infection during the same course. Malvika also received a lot of hate from her followers for expressing her difficulties on Instagram. Now, the influence first time opened up about the reason behind her divorce.

Malvika Sitlani first time talked about her divorce from Akhil Aryan during pregnancy

Recently, in an interview with Humans Of Bombay, Malvika Sitlani addressed her separation from Akhil Aryan during her pregnancy. The actress-turned-influencer revealed that from a very early stage, she put her personal life in public to form a connection with her audience. Her followers knew that she and Akhil had been together for a long time, and that had put the couple on a pedestal. People only see a few seconds of their life on social media.

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Malvika added that she wanted to be the one to reveal her separation. She added that people have started to understand that they don't just want a marriage; they want more out of it. Malvika added that people grow out of love, and that's what actually happened with them. She further stated that people should not discuss her life, especially because she now has a child. Malvika was quoted as saying:

"Though we have a lot of admiration, love and respect for each other, I feel like, eventually you just grow apart sometimes, and that's what happened, and it happens to so many people. Like I said don't put your favourite stars or public figures on a pedestal. They all are leading very regular lives and they all have issues at the back and that should be private and within closed doors and shouldn't be discussed out there, and specially because I have a baby now."

When a Reddit user revealed the reason behind Malvika Sitlani and Akhil Aryan's separation

Earlier, a Redditor left shocking details of Malvika and Akhil's relationship. It was penned by an insider, who revealed that Akhil left Malvika because she was full of herself and couldn’t think of anyone else other than her. Not only this, the Redditor also revealed that Malvika is still in shock due to their divorce. However, it is Akhil, who passes on money and take care of her well-being despite their divorce. 

When Malvika Sitlani penned a cryptic note on 'fathers', giving a hint at the reason behind her divorce

On the occasion of Father's Day in 2023, Malvika took to her Instagram stories and penned a heart-wrenching note. Malvika revealed from her own father to her mother's father that she has never really experienced a father's presence. A father who is not just a provider, but one who also shows up for their kids. She added that she never saw her parents in love. 

What do you think about Malvika's revelation about her divorce?

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