10 Exciting Ways Indian Couples Can Make Romance Possible In A Joint Family


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10 Exciting Ways Indian Couples Can Make Romance Possible In A Joint Family

If you are a newlywed couple or are soon-to-wed couple, who would be living in a joint family after marriage, then here is something that would interest you. Marriage, as we all know, brings in a lot of changes in the lives of a couple, especially for those who decide to stay in a joint family. And, one such change is the lack of ‘we’ time once they return from their honeymoon.

If you are also one of them who is going through the same situation, then you would agree that not finding enought time for one another is an issue in a joint family. Lack of privacy and romance with your spouse also becomes a problem. So, here are some tips for both men and women to make romance a possibility in such a situation.

A few things that "husbands" can do!

The first thing to keep in mind here is, the fact that your wife is new to your family, and everything in your house is new for her. Feeling homesick is natural for your wife, so do not make her yearn for your attention as well. Remember that it is your responsibility to take care of her and make her feel loved. So, scroll down and read these tips on how to make your wife feel at home.

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#1. Public display of affection

Trust us when we tell you that public display of affection works really well in a relationship. Guys, do not be afraid to show her some love in front of your family. While going overboard is certainly a big no, but a small peck on her cheek, a soft stroke on her hair, holding her hand or a short hug is perfectly fine.

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#2. Take her on a walk

While staying in a joint family, you cannot really get to spend time with your wife whenever you want to. Thus, it becomes even more important to steal some time out of your busy schedule for your wife. Go on a short walk in the evening, after your dinner. Hold her hand; have some mushy talks. Express your desires, laugh with her, and make some memories.

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#3. Have one full day to yourself

Once in a fortnight or so, spend the entire day only with your wife. Go on a date with her, watch a movie, try out new restaurants, and end it with a good candlelit dinner or take her to any yummy roadside eatery. She will just love it.

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#4. Support her during family conversations

For starters, it may be tough for your wife to connect with your family gossips or discussions. Especially when some of your relatives get on a leg-pulling mode, and go overboard in doing so (of course in good humour), support your wife in such situations. If someone ridicules her, being polite to your relative, just be by her side.

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#5. Ask her if she is happy

Take the responsibility of asking her if she is happy in her new home. Encourage her to tell you if she is unhappy about something or if something is bothering her. She may be in a fix about whether to tell you such things in the beginning, but give her some time and space to build her trust on you. Taking care of her happiness and asking her such questions, reassures her faith in you. 

#6. Talk to your parents

Your parents may not like it when you go out together without inviting anyone else. They might also feel embarrassed to see you expressing your love to your wife in front of them. In either of the scenario, talk it out with them politely and let them know that you need some personal time too. It is important to ensure that your parents do not feel awakard about the way you express your love to your wife.

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A few things that "wives" can try!

We know that adjusting in a new family is not an easy task for you. Getting to know your husband and his family is a time-taking thing. However, you must not forget to enjoy the romantic moments of your life while trying to understand your family members. Here are some tips on how you can do it.

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#1. Display affection

Do not be afraid to show some affection and surprise your husband. It may be scary in the beginning with a house full of new people, but a little display of affection can do wonders to your relationship. Stealing a glance or brushing against him while crossing paths in the corridor, can make him fall for you over and over again.

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#2. Occasional treats

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, make a list of your husband’s favourite dishes and use your culinary skills to treat your husband to his favourite food. And, what more? While he dines, whisper some sweet nothings in his ear.

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#3. Brag about him

Nothing boosts up a man’s ego better than his wife vouching for him in front of his friends and family members. So, ladies whenever you get the chance to boast about your man, do so. It will spice up your relationship and will make your man love you more.

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#4. Do not feel guilty

While you go out with your husband for an outing, do not feel guilty of not including the other family members. Understand that this is your personal time and it is necessary to spend it with your husband. Relatives might poke you about this, but do not feel bad. Being a newlywed, it is an extremely important part of your relationship to know your husband well.

Some tips for both

Here we give you some do's and don’ts for both the husband and the wife that will serve as common tips to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

  • Never fight in your bedroom. Not only you go to bed feeling bad, but also the whole house knows that you argued for some reason. You definitely do not want that.
  • Do not ignore the family totally. Give importance to them too. Learn how to balance.

  • Never take anyone else along with you while you go on a date.
  • Go on short vacations or weekend getawaysfrom time to time.
  • Surprise and express your love for each other occasionally. 

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So now you know the tips and tricks to keep the romance alive in your relationship even while staying in a joint family. Go ahead and show your romantic side for your better halves today.   

Article by our guest blogger, Swathi, who loves to write on topics like, marriage, post-wedding life, and wellness.
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