7 Tempting Reasons Why Getting Married In Early 20s Is Actually A Smart Decision


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7 Tempting Reasons Why Getting Married In Early 20s Is Actually A Smart Decision

The average age of getting married in India has witnessed a hike in the recent past. Nowadays, getting married in the late-twenties or early-thirties is not considered an anomaly, as it used to be a few decades back. Thanks to the broadened outlook of the Indian society. But, this trend does not mean that getting married at an early age (by mid-twenties) is a bad idea. In fact, there are certain plausible advantages of getting married at a younger age. The belief that early marriage comes as a burden and an incomprehensible commitment, is not really a standard that applies to all.

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So, here are some of the reasons that explain why marrying early can be a good decision.

#1. The perfect age

Marriage is more about the 'perfect person' than the 'perfect age'. Many argue on the necessity of being prepared for marriage. But in reality, you can never be prepared for it whether you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s. 

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So, if you find your prince charming or dream girl at an early age, then there is no point actually waiting for long to get married. It is all about spending the beautiful moments of your life with the person you love. So, think about finding the right person rather waiting for the right time to arrive.

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#2. You'll spend more quality time with each other

The young couples usually do not have the pressure of achieving parenthood immediately after their marriage. In fact, they get enough time to know and understand each other before the biological clock starts ticking. So, when you get married early, you have a lot of time on your hands before you indulge into family planning or saving money for future.

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You can enjoy your life with your partner without worrying much about these things. You can see the world together and steer your life the way you want it.

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#3. You'll be more flexible with each other and more open to compromise

You are more likely to be a companion and a friend to your partner rather than just being a husband or a wife. While you would be learning to live life as adults, you would be more flexible with each other and more open to compromise.

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Also, you will have enough time to adjust with each other’s temperament and understand one another before you delve into more serious and deeper responsibilities of life. This way, you are likely to be more compatible than the couples who get married late.

#4. You'll have more sex

You will get to experience those beautiful moments of cosy lovemaking with your partner more frequently as compared to those who get married late. It surely will help you to feel strongly connected with your partner emotionally as well as physically.

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And since you do not have the pressure of having kids right after your marriage, there is ample time to thoroughly enjoy this time with each other. Also, many researches show that after having kids, the couples usually experience a dip in their lovemaking activities due to reasons like low energy, lack of time etc.

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#5. You'll celebrate many milestones

The milestone of achieving parenthood is, of course, one thing, which every couple experiences together. But when you marry early, there is a lot more that you achieve as well as celebrate together.

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Whether it is buying your first car, moving into your own home, achieving success in a career- the happiness increases manifold when you have a partner by your side to share these amazing experiences of life.

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#6. You'll be a great parent

As mid-twenties is considered to be the perfect age for a woman to conceive, you will have the higher chances of avoiding the troubles of undergoing various treatments to have kids.

Dr Aanchal Aggarwal, gynaecologist and IVF specialist, says,

The later you will marry, more health problems and medical expenses you will have to bear. There can be reproductive problem in females after the age of 35, as eggs do not fertile after that age. And, then they need the treatments like, IVF, IUI, etc. In such cases, the chances of abnormality in children are also high. Furthermore, many these days women are reaching their menopause at very early age. So, it is really problematic for the couples marrying late to have kids.

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In addition, as you would have spent so much time together, you are expected to share a really strong bond with each other. This level of understanding between the two of you is one of the key requirements of being a great parent. When you attain parenthood in your twenties, you are all the more excited as well as energetic to spend time with your child. On the other hand, as you grow old, you might be burdened with issues like the financial well-being of your family or your own health. This will take away the time from you to be with your child. Furthermore, seeing your child become independent before you retire is an achievement in itself. 

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#7. A second chance

Although this is not at all desirable, if at all things go terribly wrong in the marriage, the younger couples get a slightly better chance to bring everything back on track. Since they would have already shared many ups and downs together, they would know how to handle each other during tough times. 

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Also, when nothing works out it is relatively easier to cope up with the break-up at a younger age. There are chances of having a better second chance.

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Surely, early marriage is no recipe for success. But, it is necessary to understand the nuances of marriage to make it an accomplishment. Getting married by mid-twenties is a great option and with the above reasons, we hope you know why.

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