7 Fantastic Tips You Must Steal To Lose Weight And Stay Fit In Winters


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7 Fantastic Tips You Must Steal To Lose Weight And Stay Fit In Winters

When the temperature outside drops down, people avoid stepping out of their homes until it is extremely necessary to do so. Thus, exercising in winters can be a tedious task. We know that you just want to snuggle up in your quilt and hibernate in the cold season. But, do you know that staying active in winters is even more important than any other season. Exercising in winters will prevent you from seasonal affective disorder or SAD, which is caused due to lack of sunshine, poor nutrition, and decreased activity.

We understand that the cold weather and of course, the warm blanket makes any kind of workout less than desirable. Thus, we have come up with some smart tips so that you can beat the winter blues, and stay fit in this chilling weather.   

#1. Get started at home

Do not let the chilly weather affect your health goals. If you are unable to go to a gym, then just buy some dumbbells, a skipping rope, a treadmill or any other fitness equipment, to exercise at home. In case you do not want to spend money on equipment, then do some freehand exercises, like push ups, pilates or yoga, to strengthen your body and stay in shape. This way, you will neither have to ditch your fitness goal nor would you have to face the chilly weather outside.

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#2. Go for aerobics

Another smart way to burn that fat is to practise aerobics at home. You can download some good aerobics videos from the Internet or switch on your favourite health channel and practise some moves at home. So, just put on some peppy numbers and dance your way to stay in shape with aerobics. 

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#3. Be flexible with timings

You might be an early morning exerciser, but it is better if you can change your timings during winters. If you are planning to exercise outdoors, then do so in the afternoon or mid-morning when the temperature is a little high. This way you can get some fresh air while exercising and avoid the early morning chills too. 

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#4. Always warm up

Cold temperature tightens your muscles making you prone to strains and sprains. So, it is always important to warm up before exercising. Try to gradually increase your heart rate by running around the house, jumping, walking up and down your stairs, or by doing any other activity. And, remember to do some stretching too.

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#5. Take up a new sport

To beat the winter blues, you can try some new sport this winter. You can choose any of the indoor or outdoor sports, like table tennis, badminton or squash, according to your taste. It is one of the best ways to stay active, motivated and shred some extra calories.

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#6. Keep yourself hydrated

You might not see yourself sweating in winters like you do in summers, but you do sweat a lot in this season too. That is why, you should keep yourself hydrated even during the winters. So, keep drinking water in between your workouts, and if possible, switch to sports drink, if you are planning to exercise for long hours.

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#7. Shop till you drop

Yes, shopping can also help you to stay fit. It is also a great mood uplifter, which will surely help to reduce your winter blues, like overeating and oversleeping. So, walk to your nearest mall or market, try on new clothes, and burn those extra calories in a smarter way.

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So, do not let the cold weather interrupt your fitness regime. Get up, leave that cosy bed, and follow these smart tips to stay fit this winter. Remember, the more you exercise in winters, more are the chances of doing less hard work in summers. So get up and get going!

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