Get A Body As Fit And Sexy As John Abraham: His Fitness Secrets Revealed


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Get A Body As Fit And Sexy As John Abraham: His Fitness Secrets Revealed

John Abraham follows his fitness regime very religiously. He is a die-hard fitness freak and treats his body like a temple. If you wish to follow in his footsteps, you need to believe that a fit body is a result of 40 percent workout and 60 percent healthy diet. Even if you do not spend each day exercising in the gym, make sure you have enough time to eat your breakfast and other meals at the right time throughout the day.

Eat right, sleep tight, and take out some time from your busy schedule to workout to build a body as good as John. Here is the secret of John Abraham’s sexy physique.

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Eating Right is the Key!

This is what John believes in. His fitness regimen is a strict combination of healthy food and regular workouts. He never skips his meals, or keeps his body dehydrated. 

Missing breakfast is an act of body weakening, not weight losing

Give your day a good start with a healthy and meaty meal. This will help you sustain on a day that needs you to remain active till you drop. For those carved muscles, he consumes seven to eight eggs in breakfast, with something fleshy and meaty like a chicken breast. And if you are a vegetarian, slices of toast with butter, 10 almonds with a glass of milk/juice will be good for you. John is a vegetarian, but he does feast on fishes and eggs to meet the nutritional needs of his body. And, he does not believe in starving himself for a good shape. He stresses on eating right, and burning calories.

He eats things that offer nutritive value

Getting a muscular body needs control to a level of austerity. You do not need to run after things that are expensive. Rather, you need to eat things that add nutritive value to your body. Pick the right things and eat a right amount of it.

John says,

“There is no magical stuff that gives those muscles and abs. Just keep fuelling your body throughout the day, to keep your metabolism up!”

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Never lets himself get dehydrated

There are all types of rumours doing the rounds that John stops drinking water two days prior to his photo shoots to look great. He rubbishes all such rumours. He drinks a lot of water, and suggests drinking six glasses of water a day. Water helps muscles grow and drains out all the impurities from the body. Besides, if you also want your skin to glow along with a strong body, keep yourself hydrated. One particularly needs to take a lot of water after indulging in a strenuous workout.

He believes in supplements, no steroids at all

John Abraham’s body in Force was formed after consuming 20 to 30 egg whites in a day. But, that is not his regular meal. His real diet is slashed down to less food. Taking a good and healthy meal for a normal life, and added nutrition for a heavy workout is what is needed. And yes, John takes multi-vitamins and protein supplements, but does not take any steroids.

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Workout Schedule

john abraham

John’s workout routine involves time, dedication, discipline, rules, right technique, patience, and variation. He has one of the finest workout routines among the men following bodybuilding regime.

Prepare your body for workout, sleep amply

john abraham

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John Abraham says:

“Stinting on sleep, is actually stinting on your physique.”

He takes eight hours of sleep, irrespective of his tight schedule. This is essential if you want your body to properly respond to all the hardwork at the gym. He says that muscles do not build while you toil at the gym. It happens when you are in the rest mode. That is the time when your body tissues repair. Sleeping properly is preparing your body for the strict exercising regime you will follow.

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Burn the calories

Burning calories that you consume is central to your dietary plan. John has a routine of burning about 4000 to 5000 calories a day. He spends six days in a week at the gym. That body does not come easily! He has a tight schedule that he follows closely. Besides, if you cannot stand the monotony of the fitness regime, you can add variation to it. You can take a break of a day or two in a week from gym, and rather play some heavy sport. This is what John does.

Know what to do

john abraham shirtless

John Abraham suggests paying attention to the legs just as much as to the chests and arms, and follows his own advice. It is tempting to build up the muscles of the torso, but paying attention to the legs is crucial if you want to have that Greek God-like physique. Otherwise, you are likely to develop weak legs and a majorly worked out upper body. Also, if you have a certain size as your goal, have patience, and let your body adapt to the changes required. Do not push it.

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His workout schedule

John’s workout schedule involves a balanced combination of exercises for chest, shoulder, biceps, triceps, forearms, back, legs, cardio and abs. He also runs or brisk walks for 20 to 25 minutes, post workout. His pre-workout meal includes ample carb intake, and post workout he consumes six to seven egg whites and protein shake.

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This model-turned-star, is many girls' definition of a perfect dream man. This handsome hunk has dedicated his life to fitness. And, he shares his fitness mantra audaciously, to help every other man attain that much-coveted physique. 

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