Foods to Keep You Warm This Winter

Winter is not about drowning cups of hot coffee and pakodas to stay warm. It is about making healthy food choices which will help your body generate heat from within. So, let us have a look at some foods which will keep you warm this winter.
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Whole Grain Goodness
Whole Grain Goodness

Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates, which require more energy to break down. Your body uses this energy as fuel to give you warmth on those cold winter days. Whole grains are a rich source of a number of vitamins, especially vitamin B and they help your thyroid gland to function optimally. Thyroid gland helps to regulate your body temperature and keeps you toasty warm in winter. So, these winters add a lot of brown rice, oats, barley and millets like jowar and bajra to your diet.

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