7 Simple Tricks That Are Sure To Make You Look Slim In Every Picture Clicked


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7 Simple Tricks That Are Sure To Make You Look Slim In Every Picture Clicked

Looking great in pictures is every girl’s not-so-secret desire. The appearance of a bloated face, a double chin, and body flab in pictures is a big disappointment for many of us. But there are ways by which these flaws can be camouflaged. Read on to know some super smart ways to look slimmer in photos and rock your look in every picture of yours.

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#1. The way you stand

Tips To Look Slimmer In Photos

Do not ever make the mistake of standing straight in front of the camera while being clicked. Whatever your body type may be, you will always look fuller if you do so. Instead, stand a little tilted, sideways to be precise. Place your hand on your hips and tilt your torso slightly backward for a leaner frame. Pose just like your favourite Bollywood diva does while getting clicked on the red carpet. Also, never hunch while posing for a picture. Always sit upright or stand with your shoulders rolled back. Such a posture will also make you look taller.

#2. Jiggly arms

Tips To Look Slimmer In Photos

If you have jiggly or flabby arms and do not want them to be seen in your pictures, then never press them against your body. If you do so, they will spread more and look even bulkier. Placing your hand away from your body (on your hips, for example) will do the trick. Well, haven't we seen almost every Bollywood diva and supermodel posing like that? So, try it out!

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#3. Hide that chin

Tips To Look Slimmer In Photos

If you have a slight double chin and don't want to make it a part of your photographs, then you must always look straight up. Never let your face sag down. Keep it firm and lifted. Another trick is to avoid getting clicked from a low angle.

#4. Tummy tale!

Tips To Look Slimmer In Photos

If you have fat on and around your stomach area, then use some prop to hide it. For example, tummy flab can be hidden by carrying a huge dump bag or adding a belt to your outfit. Want another smart fashion hack? Well, your double chin can be made invisible by wearing a beautiful scarf.

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#5. Clothes say a lot!

Tips To Look Slimmer In Photos

Clothing also makes a lot of difference while being clicked. If you are wearing something lose, always press your hands over the loose part of the outfit, so that it does not bloat in the pictures. On the other hand, if you are wearing something very tight or a body-hugging outfit, try to breathe in and hold your breath for a few seconds till the picture has been clicked. Doing so will eliminate most of the flab in the pictures.

#6. Group shots

Tips To Look Slimmer In Photos

When you are getting a picture clicked in a group, and want to look the slimmest, always stand one step back from where the others are standing. Also, those who are closer to the camera's lens would look bigger in pictures. So, not only take a step back, but also stand away from the angle from which the picture is being clicked. This will automatically make you look slimmer.

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#7. Say no to 'Cheese'

Tips To Look Slimmer In Photos

The first thing that catches everyone’s attention in a picture is the face and the smile of a person. Never say anything while being clicked. For example, saying cheese while getting a picture taken makes your face look fatter. Keep your smile sweet, simple and natural!

Well, use our smart secret tricks to get the best out of your photographs, after all, it is a memory that will last a lifetime! These tips are sure to make you win in every picture being clicked, making you look like a diva! Stay tuned with us to know more about how to look slimmer!

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