6 Reasons Why Relationships Fall Apart With Time


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6 Reasons Why Relationships Fall Apart With Time

Sometimes couples who have been together for years suddenly break-up. After years of togetherness they realize that although they had a great relationship, there is no real bond left between them. It is not necessary that the couple no longer like each other or they have found a new love interest in anyone else. So what really happens that once a passionate couple is now not even interested in each other.

Reality strikes

A young couple starts their relationship with passion, charm and excitement. At first they remain in a state of trance, more precisely in awe of each other’s presence and most importantly their new found love. But gradually they may start losing their interest in their relationship and even in each other’s company. They can even find the each other’s presence revolting or irritating. 

Distrust or lack of trust in each other

Trust is the basic and fundamental need of any relationship. In a relationship, there should never be any place for lying or cheating. When people are together for a long time they forget that love should never be taken for granted. It needs constant nurture, care, consistent and careful attention to thrive based on mutual respect and trust.

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Lack of communication

If partners cannot have a good conversation the relationship is surely doomed. It often happens that due to a hectic work schedule or everyday problems, the couple stops communicating and sharing each other’s feelings. They get wrapped up among themselves which leads to misunderstandings and gradually loss of interest.

People change

Many a times a person falls in love with the other due to some specific parts of their personality like some habits or actions. When the person notices that that particular part has changed, it may make them lose their interest in their partner. They miss the particular charm for which they got attracted to their partner in the first place.

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Differences in hobbies or interest

After spending a lot of time together when the couple often finds that their hobbies or interests differ. For example if one partner is outdoorsy and the other likes to stay at home and spend time. This this may lead to conflict among them and they may lose their interest in each other.

Monotonous life

Once the honeymoon period of any relationship is over, things settle down. A long term relationship means stability but sometimes it leads to monotony too. If a couple’s life is too routine, it leads to loss of interest. Without charm or adventure a relationship becomes stagnant with time. So to keep a relationship alive and fresh the adventure element should be present. 

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