6 Innovative Ways To Use Bangles In Your Wedding Decor


By Sharanya Manola Last Updated:

6 Innovative Ways To Use Bangles In Your Wedding Decor

It is the season of weddings again, and if you are one of the lucky ones to be getting married soon, this article will totally appeal to you. You might have a lot of things in mind for your wedding; the trousseau, the venue and most importantly, the décor. We have some great ideas for you to think about and incorporate in your wedding.

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Have you ever thought of using bangles in the décor of the venue of your big day? You might think of us as crazy to say that bangles can be used as wedding décor, but wait until you see these photographs, which will nudge the dormant DIY spark in you! Based on the kind of wedding décor you are going for, you can incorporate the many bangles you own, and make your wedding venue look like a dream come true. Having said that, here we have some handpicked pictures for you to look at and take ideas from.

#1. On the rickshaw

Image Courtesy: Vintage Nutters

If you’re going to have a rickshaw at your wedding venue (as a part of the décor obviously), then do deck it up with not just those marigold flowers, but also bangles to make it look dreamy.

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Image: Vintage Nutters

Image Courtesy: Vintage Nutters

#2. Suspended in air

Image: Going Bananas Photography
Image Courtesy: Going Bananas Photography

You could hang some bangles by a satin lace or thread, and tie the end of it with lollipops on your mehendi day and let everyone have fun and race to the finish line! Sounds fun? Well, it does to us too.

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#3. A bangle booth for friends and relatives

Image: Aviraj Saluja Photography

Image Courtesy: Aviraj Saluja Photography

Forget photo booth and think of a bangle booth! Women love bangles to the core and that is no hidden fact. Therefore, you can perhaps surprise your female friends and relatives with a couple of bangle stands on your mehendi or sangeet night for them to adorn their wrists and dance away into the night.

Image: Aura by Gautam Vedi

Image Courtesy: Aura by Gautam Vedi

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#4. For a pop of colour on the chairs

Image: Aviraj Saluja Photography

Image Courtesy: Aviraj Saluja Photography

Just plain white chairs look bland, especially on a day as colourful and eventful as your wedding day. So, here is one way you can up the fun quotient with bangles. We love how these kanch ki choodis have been used to add colours to the chairs and make them look chic!

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#5. Bangle backdrop

Image: Pretty Much Decor

Image Courtesy: Pretty Much Decor

Go for a beautiful bangle backdrop if you cannot seem to identify how and where to use bangles on the venue! It will brighten up the space and will be delightful for others to see your creativity flourish, especially if you are not hiring a wedding planner!

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#6. On the tabletop

Image: Pretty Much Decor

Image Courtesy: Pretty Much Decor

You may have imagined of exquisite tabletops or just flowers, but how about one like this, which has bangles spread out around a diya, with flowers forming the circumference. If you ask of our opinion, we would say a huge yes to this idea!

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What do you think, people? Well, bangles are not only supposed to sit on your wrists and make them look pretty. You can use them to beautify your wedding venue too! If you liked these ideas, do talk to your planner about them and make your dream of a fairytale wedding come true!