5 Ways To Keep Your Guests Warm In A Winter Wedding, For Winter Is A Wedding Season


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5 Ways To Keep Your Guests Warm In A Winter Wedding, For Winter Is A Wedding Season

Winter weddings, though a wonderful experience for the bride and the groom, can be really difficult for the guests sometimes. After all, they have to brave the harsh weather throughout the ceremony, especially if it is an outdoor or destination wedding. But there are a few things which you can do to ensure that your guests have a great time and are comfortable. Let’s have a look at them.

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#1. Be clear in your wedding invitation

Whenever you hand out your wedding invitation, tell your guests what to expect. They should know that the temperatures are likely to drop and they should come prepared for it. If you are having an outdoor or a destination wedding, inform your guests about the expected temperatures. If possible, include a small weather chart for an outstation wedding. You don’t want your guests to turn up at the destination without any warm clothes.

#2. Warm wedding favours

Every bride wants her wedding favours to be memorable. So, why not hand out shawls embroidered with you and your hubby’s name to your guests as they enter the wedding hall? Your guests can drape the shawls around themselves whenever they feel the need to do so and they won’t throw it because they would associate the shawl with beautiful memories of your wedding. Although, wedding favours are usually given at the end of the ceremony, you can always bring in your own twist.

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#3. Bonfires

Blazing bonfires have a charm of their own. Not only they look absolutely dazzling and make  great photos, they can keep your guests warm too. If you want to add a fun element to your wedding, then keep a small marshmallow counter near the bonfires. Kids can have fun toasting some yummy marshmallows and as can adults. But always be careful while organising a bonfire. Make sure that there is someone supervising the fire at all times and all the safety measures are taken care of. 

#4. Comfort food

Piping hot aloo tikkis, samosas, masala chai and warm soup are a must have for a winter wedding. Not only they will keep your guests warm but will also give them the energy to survive the weather. You can also serve chilly dips to your guests as chillies tend to generate warmth in the body.

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#5. Emergency kit

Even though a majority of your guests may come prepared with warm clothes, there may be some others who simply did not pay heed to your warnings. So, ask your wedding planner to keep some gloves and sweaters ready.  You need not spend a lot on them.  Just have a few of them handy so that your guests don’t turn blue in the face. Remember that kids and elderly require special attention, and you must ask your wedding planner to go around once and ensure that they are comfortable.

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Winter weddings are beautiful, no doubt. But, do keep in mind that your guests need some extra comforts during a wedding that takes place in the cold months. Only then will it be enjoyable for everyone. So, make sure that you make your wedding as guest-friendly as you can if you are getting married in winters.