10 Creative And Amazing Ways You Can Incorporate Pantone Colour 2018 On Your Wedding Day


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10 Creative And Amazing Ways You Can Incorporate Pantone Colour 2018 On Your Wedding Day

The world of fashion holds its breath for Pantone colour of the year. As soon it is revealed, everything is painted in its shade. This year, Pantone colour of the year is ultraviolet. This shade of purple takes on a bluish tint. Other than being a gorgeous colour, ultraviolet has a deeper meaning. This colour is often associated with the spiritual world. Whenever there is a happy occasion, this colour will be present as it stands for energy and celebration as well.

Here are some amazing ways how you can incorporate Pantone colour of the year in your wedding and stay in style.

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#1. The grand entrance

Pantone Colour 2018

Welcome your guests to your wedding with a pop of colour. Big or small, it doesn't matter. If your entrance has ultraviolet colour in abundance, it will catch the attention. Since this colour signifies celebrations, it would be great if this beautiful colour leads everyone to your wedding.

#2. The wedding invitations

Pantone Colour 2018

Image Courtesy: Elegant Wedding Invites

Purple is the colour of the occult which means that it brings together our world and the world above. Wouldn't it be a wonderful idea if your wedding invitations seek to bless the god in their own colourful way?

#3. Step in it

Pantone Colour 2018

Put your best foot forward and team up your wedding attire with beautiful ultraviolet footwear. Since this colour complements all the metallic colours like copper, gold and silver, you wouldn't find it difficult to pair up your shoes with your wedding dress.

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#4. Will your bridesmaids wear it?

Pantone Colour 2018

Ask your girl gang to wear this bold shade at your wedding. Your bridesmaids will look gorgeous in ultraviolet while making a bold statement. This colour surely looks good on every skin tone.

#5. How about the groomsmen?

Pantone Colour 2018

If a bride can do this, so can you. Ask your groomsmen to incorporate ultraviolet into their dress when they stand by your side. If they don't want to wear an ultraviolet outfit, they can use this colour with the help accessories like sunglasses, safas and pagdis.

#6. Under the beautiful canopies

Pantone Colour 2018

Image Courtesy: Lin and Jirsa

For anyone who wants to give their wedding a fairytale touch, ultraviolet canopies are the answer. You can get these canopies made with flowers, lights or even cloth. These will give your wedding an elegant look.

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#7. Celestial mandap

Pantone Colour 2018

When it comes to weddings, a mandap is the most important thing. Therefore, it should be the most beautiful as well. Decorate your mandap with ultraviolet flowers and feel the magic of this colour while you take the vows.

#8. Catchy tableware

Pantone Colour 2018

If you want to add a beautiful element to your wedding and give it some substance, use ultraviolet in the dining area. You can have your cutlery, centrepieces or chairs covered in the beautiful shade of purple. Your guests will enjoy their meals even more.

#9. Important dresses

Pantone Colour 2018

The dress that you wear at your wedding becomes the most important one of your life. So, all the brides and grooms, keep up with the fashion trend and wear ultraviolet on your wedding day.

#10. The wedding cake

Pantone Colour 2018

While most of the wedding cakes are white, you can add a touch of colour to it and make it stand out. With a little bit of work in ultraviolet colour, your wedding cake will get that much-needed element.

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We have given you so many ways in which you can incorporate the beautiful and magical ultraviolet colour in your wedding. This colour is far from mainstream and will leave a lasting impression on everyone at your wedding.

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