5 Things Men Should Definitely Not Stop Doing After Becoming Husbands


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5 Things Men Should Definitely Not Stop Doing After Becoming Husbands

Most Indian men see marriage as their freedom from romantic duties. In other words, they start taking their wives for granted. Don’t get us wrong girls, they still love you, want to have babies with you and grow old with you, but it is the case of “Why should I study: when I can give open book exams?”

A lot of guys become complacent about showing their love to their wives, despite the fact that the love is still there. Men, if you still want your wives to keep showering their love and attention on you, just follow our simple steps and see, how you will be adored by your better half. 

#1. Showing her your chivalrous side

Remember the time when you treated her like a lady, and promoted yourself to the status of a ‘gentleman’? Open car doors for her, give her your coat when she's feeling cold, or simply pull out a chair for her when you take her out for dinner. These little gestures will not only make her feel special and pampered, but will forever feel that she is the queen of your heart, despite being married for so many years.

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#2. Maintaining eye contact

Eye contact helps any bond of love to grow. But unfortunately, in some cases, marriage disrupts the momentum it gathered through love, prior to marriage. Eye contact is a vital ingredient in your relationship, and is equally important for your woman. Lack of it, can make her feel distant and lonely. So, amaze her with those lasting glimpses into her fiery eyes, and feel that closeness coming back into your relationship.

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#3. Taking her out on dates

Just because you are married, does not mean that you have to stop dating your wife. Married couples date too! Look at the brighter side- you will not be nervous on your dates, nor will you have to put in an insane amount of work and effort to impress your partner. The barrier of discomfort, which normally is there in pre-marriage dates, will not be there in post-marriage dates. And, most of all, it will make your woman happy. Do something special for her every now and then; after all, she is your life partner!

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#4. Not changing your attitude

Some men undergo a change from being courteous to bossy after marriage. This sudden change in attitude comes as a shock, but also reveals the true person, who was hiding behind the bachelor mask. This is not just a turn-off, but also one of the major reasons for domestic problems. Do not stop being grateful and thankful. Don’t let the male ego come in between your relationship. If you are at fault, apologise to her. It will project you as a caring partner.

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#5. Maintaining your physique

Once married, most men think that they do not need to maintain themselves any more. And, it is just a matter of time, before they become round and plump. They start eating junk, and stop working out. Don't forget, your wife wants you to look good beside her. She puts in all that effort to look beautiful for you, how about you go that extra mile and do the same for her?

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With just these simple tricks, the romance in your marriage will never take a backseat. So follow our practical tips here and sweep your woman off her feet, once again!



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