10 Types Of Girls You Will Run Into If You Are Going For An Arranged Marriage


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10 Types Of Girls You Will Run Into If You Are Going For An Arranged Marriage

You will run into different types of girls in an arranged marriage set-up. Some of them are romantic, some possessive, while some can be career-oriented. They may not all be your cup of tea. Once you know these types, it is easier for you to figure out the type of girl you want, to make your arranged marriage successful.

Keep reading to find 10 types of girls you will run into, if you are going for an arranged marriage.

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#1. It is always branded

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Everything she owns will be a statement, right from her perfectly manicured nails to her tick-tock stilettos. Her wardrobe is full of branded clothes and accessories. And yes, she will pose the perfect look every time you meet her.

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#2. Happy being single

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She will be too shy and too gentle, as she is determined to say "no" to the guy she would be meeting. She does not intend to get married right now, but has met you just for the sake of her parents.

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#3. Dreamer

She is the one who has been dreaming about her marriage, and her life after that since childhood. She will not stop blushing and smiling throughout your meeting. And yes, she has already made up her mind about what kind of marriage it will be, where you would be going for the honeymoon, and how your life will be post marriage.

#4. Rule book follower

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She has her rule book set for you, and you will have to abide by them, without choice. You will have to behave in a certain way, or else you might be shut down entirely within no time.

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#5. You are being interviewed

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She will have a list of questions ready for you, and you would be judged for marriage on the answers you provide during your meeting. Obviously, you would be given a chance to ask your set of questions as well.

#6. The ideal bahu

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She is one who would for sure win the hearts of your parents, as she knows how to cook tasty food, respect the elders of the house, and fulfil the needs of every person in the house.

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#7. It is all about the money, honey!

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If you happen to be asked about your earnings, savings and loans, then yes, you are to marry a person who wishes to have a luxurious life, no matter what happens. She loves money, and wants a secure life. So, if you can give her that, she would love you too.

#8. Career woman

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She will be a successful person in her career, and would only want to go ahead further in life. She will not quit her job after marriage and would not like you to ask her to do so either.

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#9. ‘I love not to worry’ type

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If you happen to visit the girl at some pub or bar, or any adventurous place, then get ready to experience something different in your life. She loves to explore, hang around with friends and would adjust to a lifestyle where she is let free.

#10. Possessive

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She will want to spend every single minute of her life with you and would hate it if you look at any other woman, or if any other woman comes near you. She might also have the list of people you call every time, and might check every time the places you go to, and the things you do.

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These are the 10 different types of girls you will run into if you are going for an arranged marriage. So, which one do you think is the one for you?



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