7 Things Men Should Stop Doing After Becoming Husbands

Boys will be boys! But then, marriage is a life changing experience for everyone. The transition from bachelorhood to married life is tough for most men and their better halves. You may not realise that something that is insignificant to you might not be so trivial for your wife. The best way to avoid dampening of the new romance is to accept and understand that you are no longer a bachelor. So, here are some habits that you should think about changing before you become a 'husband'.
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Calling out for keys and socks
Calling out for keys and socks

Every woman expects her husband to be responsible. So, take care of your basic stuff. Know where your socks, keys, wallet and watch are, instead of calling her for every little thing. Your wife will love and appreciate you more if you behave responsibly regarding these small things.

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