24 'Nach Baliye' Jodis Who Separated After Appearing On The Show As A Much-In-Love Couple


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24 'Nach Baliye' Jodis Who Separated After Appearing On The Show As A Much-In-Love Couple

Nach Baliye, a popular Indian dance reality show, has become a hit among the masses. And why not, this platform shows off their favourite television couples in a different avatar. Their love affair and chemistry excite the audience. But, not every couple’s love story has a fairy tale ending.

Even after being too-much-in-love, some of the couples who participated in the previous seasons have now parted ways. A few of them got separated only a few months or probably a year after the show got over.

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#1. Shweta Tiwari and Raja Chaudhary

Shweta Tiwari Raja Chaudhary

Shweta Tiwari and Raja Choudhary’s bitter relationship and divorce battle has always been in the news. The Nach Baliye season 2 participant, Raja has always been in the limelight for his violent and abusive behaviour towards his ex-wife, Shweta Tiwari. Even his alcoholic problem was not hidden from anyone. After seven years of togetherness, the couple finally got divorced in 2012. Raja Chaudhary found love in Delhi-based professional Shveta Sood and tied the knot with her in February 2015. 

Shweta Tiwari abhinav Kohli

Image Courtesy: Instagram

After dating for a few years, Shweta got married TV actor to Abhinav Kohli on July 13, 2013. The couple welcomed a baby boy, Reyansh Kohli in November 2016. 

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#2. Sana Saeed and Deepesh Sharma

Sana saeed Deepesh

Image Courtesy: Star Plus

While on the show, Sana Saeed and Deepesh Sharma were constantly accused of staging a relationship to be a part of Nach Baliye. The two, however, strongly denied the accusations saying their relationship was a real relationship. Soon after the show got over, reportedly the two have parted ways. If reports are to be believed, Sana might be seeing an upcoming Bollywood actor. (Read here)

#3. Delnaaz Irani and Rajeev Paul

Delnaaz Irani Rajeev Paul

Delnaaz Irani and Rajeev Paul divorced after 14 years of marriage. The Nach Baliye season 1 contestants impressed everyone with their chemistry, but soon things went sour between them. If the reports are to be believed then, Delnaaz left Rajeev due to his extra-marital affairs. However, Rajeev denied the allegation stating that it was his failing career which led to their bitter end.

Delnaaz Irani Percy Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

After their divorce, Delnaaz and Rajeev have moved on and found new partners. Delnaaz is seeing Percy Karkaria, with whom she featured in reality TV show, Power Couple

Rajeev Paul Anjali Raina Facebook

Image Courtesy: Facebook

Rajeev on the other hand, was briefly engaged to a corporate employee named Kavita Sarin after his divorce from Delnaaz. According to latest reports, Rajeev is in love once again. He is dating a Delhi-based woman Anjali Raina who is a single mom. Read the complete story here

#4. Neeru Bajwa and Amit Sadh

Amit Sadh Neeru Bajwa Star Plus

Image Courtesy: Star Plus

One of the hottest couples of the television industry, Neeru Bajwa, and Amit Sadh, parted ways after eight years of togetherness. Neeru broke up with Amit when he was in the Bigg Boss house and he was shattered to know the news. It was said that the Nach Baliye Season 1 couple decided to call it quits to pursue their career separately. However, the rumour had it that the reason why Neeru ended their relationship was her affair with director Sajid Khan. Neeru later went on to marry Harmikpal (Harry) Jawandha in February 2015 and the two have a lovely daughter together. On the other hand, Amit is still single and not looking for love.  

#5. Narayani Shastri and Gaurav Chopra

Gaurav Chopra Narayani Shastri

The Nach Baliye season 2 contestants, Narayani Shastri and Gaurav Chopra broke up without divulging many details, but they have remained good friends post-breakup. It was widely reported that Narayani and Gaurav called it quits because of Gaurav’s closeness to his Zara Nachke Dikha co-star Mouni Roy. This love triangle is counted amongst the most shocking ones from the television industry. 

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Narayani Shastri is now married British national named Steven Graver (Tony) who is now settled in Mumbai. Her marriage came as a shock to her fans.

Narayani Shastri Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

While talking about her husband Tony to a leading publication and the reason why their marriage was kept a secret, Narayani said:

“Tony is media-shy. Honestly, both of us didn't want to get married. We actually got married because one day we were wondering 'Why don't we want to tie the knot, given that the two of us want to be together always?' It was rather strange. This thought came to us one day and we called the registrar the next day."

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#6. Sweta Keswani and Alexx O' Neil

Sweta Keswani Alex

The Nach Baliye Season 3 contenders, Sweta Keswani and Alexx O' Neil’s fairytale wedding came to an end in 2011, when they filed for divorce. The couple began dating in 2006 and got married in October 2008 in four different ways - court, Buddhist ceremony, Hindu ceremony and a Christian wedding. 

Shweta Keswani Alex

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After their divorce, Alex found love in Yeh Meri Life Hai fame actress, Shama Sikander, but the couple parted ways in 2014. Sweta, meanwhile, tied the knot with Ken Andino in 2012, and they have a son together. 

#7. Karan Patel and Amita Chandekar

Karan Patel Amita Chandekar

Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Although Karan Patel and Amita Chandekar seemed like a much-in-love couple on the sets of Nach Baliye Season 3, soon after the show ended, their relationship too saw its end. In fact, after the show got over Karan, went on to say that he was never in a relationship with Amita! This caused a huge disappointment among their fans for faking their relationship for the reality show.

Karan Patel Ankita Bhargava Kamya Punjabi

Karan was then in a relationship with TV actress and single mom, Kamya Punjabi. After a nasty break-up, Karan went on to marry TV actress, Ankita Bhargava in 2015. 

#8. Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi

Rakhi Sawant Abhishek Awasthi

Who can forget that high-ended Valentine’s Day drama, where Rakhi Sawant slapped Abhishek Awasthi in front of the national television, but forgave him once he got down on one knee and apologised.

But, even that stint could not save their three years of relationship, which soon ended after that. Surprisingly, both the Nach Baliye Season 3 contestants had said that dating each other was the “biggest mistake” of their lives! While Rakhi Sawant is still single, her ex, Abhishek got married to his ladylove Ankita Goswami.

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#9. Amita Sethi and Vikas Sethi

Amita Sethi Vikas Sethi

Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Being one of the powerhouse contestants of Nach Baliye Season 3, Amita Sethi and Vikas Sethi were liked by all, but soon the couple got divorced and went their separate ways.

#10. Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik

Karan Grover Kavita Kaushik

Although Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik had a steady relationship, this Nach Baliye Season 3 couple could not bear the brunt of time and called it quits in 2008. After a few years of dating, they parted ways, without disclosing what went wrong in their love nest. After her breakup from Karan, Kavita dated actor Nawab Shah for good five years. 

Kavita Kaushik

Nawab revealed that the reason behind their breakup was major differences and not different religious backgrounds. The couple called it quits in 2016 and in January 2017, Kavita married her boyfriend Ronnit Biswas in the Himalayas. 

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#11. Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal

pooja Bedi Hanif Halal

Nach Baliye Season 3 participants, Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal, parted ways after being together for a year. The decision was mutual as “they didn't see each other as prospective spouses.” After the couple called it quits, Pooja dated TV actor Akashdeep Saigal whom she met on the sets of Bigg Boss

#12. Amit Gupta and Reshmi Ghosh

amit gupta

These Nach Baliye Season 4 contenders were about to get hitched post-reality show, but misunderstandings grew between them as a result of which they ended their two years of relationship.

#13. Jatin Shah and Priya Bathija

priya bathija jatin shah

Suryaputra Karn fame actress Priya Bathija and her then-husband Jatin Shah participated in the Season 4 of Nach Baliye. It was reported that the two parted ways after the show got over. The actress herself accepted in an interview that she and Jatin parted ways because things went bad. 

Priya Bathija wedding

Jatin and Priya moved on in their lives. Jatin got married to his friend, Aparna Singh, of 15 years in 2015. Priya Bathija tied the knot with music arranger and DJ, Kawaljeet Saluja. The couple had a gurudwara wedding on May 22, 2017, in Raipur. 

#14. Kapil Nirmal and Anjali Abrol

Kapil Nirmal and Anjali Abrol

Like many other couples, even these Nach Baliye Season 4 contestants, Kapil Nirmal and Anjali Abrol’s love affair came to an end after the show got over. Talking about her break-up Anjali said:

“I guess our relationship had passed it's time. We were not destined to be together. Once the above show ended, our interactions and meetings started to reduce and distances began to creep up."

#15. Naman Shaw and Megha Gupta

Kapil Nirmal and Anjali Abrol

It was rumoured that Nach Baliye Season 4 participants, Naman Shaw and Megha Gupta, faked their love affair for the show. Well, whatever the truth, the couple was no longer together once the show got over.

Megha Gupta Siddhant Karnick

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Megha was then married to Aditya Shroff in 2010, but things didn’t work out and they parted ways in 2014. In 2016, Megha found love a second time in TV actor Siddhant Karnick and married him on August 16, 2016. Naman Shaw is also a happily married man today. 

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#16. Shaleen Bhanot and Daljeet Kaur Bhanot

Shaleen Bhanot Daljeet

The winner of Nach Baliye Season 4, Shaleen Bhanot and Daljeet Kaur Bhanot’s married life also saw a tragic end. Daljeet ended her 5 years of marriage with hubby Shaleen after he allegedly physically assaulted her. The couple also has a son anmed Jaydon.

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#17. Dimpy Ganguly and Rahul Mahajan

Dimpy Ganguly Rahul mahajan

The tumultuous relationship of Dimpy Ganguly and Rahul Mahajan has always been in the limelight. This reality show couple, who got hitched on a reality show itself, also participated in Nach Baliye Season 5. They were happily married for a few years before the story of physical abuse and domestic violence by Rahul on Dimpy started doing rounds in the media.

Dimpy Ganguly Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Soon after, the couple got separated and got divorced, ending their five years of marriage. Rahul is reportedly dating a model-turned-actor, Amruta Mane while Dimpy is happily married to her childhood crush, Rohit Roy and the two have an adorable daughter, Reanna. 

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#18. Elena Boeva and Kushal Tandon

Kushal Tandon

Kushal Tandon broke up with Elena Boeva after they got eliminated from the Nach Baliye Season 5. All seemed well between both during the show but things went kaput after the elimination, and they went their separate ways. Kushal then began dating Bigg Boss contestant Gauhar Khan, but this relationship too didn’t work. 

#19. Deepshikha Nagpal and Kaishav Arora

Deepshikha Nagpal Kaishav Arora

Although Deepshikha Nagpal and Keshav Arora took their love relationship to the next level by getting married in 2012, the Nach Baliye Season 5 couple was in news for wrong reasons. According to reports, Deepshikha filed a complaint against her abusive husband Keshav for threatening to kill her and her kids. Apparently, the actress filed for the divorce and they parted ways. After a few months of living separately, Deepshikha and Kaishav decided to give their marriage another shot. 

#20. Sara Khan and Paras Chhabra

Sara Khan  Paras Chabra

The wild card entry of Nach Baliye Season 6, Sara Khan and Paras Chhabra, ended their long-term relationship sometime after the show as “the two were facing relationship issues”. Today, Sara Khan is said to be dating her Pakistani co-star and Paras Chhabra is in a committed relationship with actress Pavitra Punia. 

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#21. Vineet Raina and Tanushree Kaushal

Vineet and Tanushree

They met on the sets of their show, Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan and fell in love. Soon, the ex-couple decided to tie the knot in the year 2009. During the time the couple was dating, Vineet and Tanushree appeared on the fourth season of Nach Baliye in 2008. But their married life turned sour and the couple decided to part ways in 2011 due to compatibility issues. Tanushree talked about her divorce and said:

“We are not at all compatible. Only after the marriage did we realise that we were poles apart. He’s a good person but I think we both made the big mistake of getting married. We will soon file for divorce. ‘Marriages are made in heaven’ is bullsh*t and one should never go for a love marriage.”

#22. Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna

Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna

Upen and Karishma met in the Bigg Boss house and fell head-over-heels in love with each other. Soon after coming out from the Bigg Boss house, they appeared in the seventh season of Nach Baliye and Upen even went down on his knees to propose Karishma for marriage. Where everybody was expecting a happy ending, Upen and Karishma decided to part ways after a few months of their relationship, citing compatibility issues. Talking about what went wrong in their relationship, Karishma revealed:

"Sometimes there is no answer to what went wrong. Sometimes two wonderful people or good souls are not meant be together. That's what happened to us. He (Upen) is a wonderful soul. We connected very strongly, but things didn't move the way we wanted it to. It's not that I don't want to settle down or I am jumping from one relationship to another. We both wanted to settle down, but if we don't see our future together than it's better to part ways."

#23. Mrunal Thakur and Sharad Chandra Tripathi

Mrunal Thakur with Sharad Chandra

Mrunal, better known as Bulbul from Kumkum Bhagya was in a relationship for a few years with her ex-boyfriend, Sharad Chandra Tripathi, who is a budding writer with Balaji Telefilms. Mrunal and Sharad appeared in the seventh season of Nach Baliye as they wanted to convince their parents who were against their relationship. Sharad’s parents were against his marriage with Mrunal who was from another community. Through the show, the ex-couple wanted to convince their parents to accept their marriage. After the show ended, their relationship and love also fizzled out and the two parted ways. Soon after Mrunal's breakup, there was news of her being in a relationship with her Kumkum Bhagya co-star, Arjit Taneja

#24. Bruna Abdullah and Omar Herror

Bruna Abdullah and Omar Herrot

Bruna Abdullah is a Brazilian actress known for her role in I Hate Luv Storys. She appeared in the sixth season of Nach Baliye along with her then partner, Omar Herrot. After the show got over, the couple parted ways. Bruna is in love again and she is currently dating a Scottish guy named Al and the two look head-over-heels in love with each other.

Well, the chemistry of these couples was amazing on the sets of Nach Baliye, and no one thought that they would ever break-up. But, their relationship did hit a rough patch and they parted ways, leaving their fans hurt.

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