15 Things Every Woman Deserves From The Man She Loves


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15 Things Every Woman Deserves From The Man She Loves

Being a woman is not an easy task, and it gets even tougher once she is in a romantic relationship. No matter whether she is married or unmarried, this relationship expects a woman to make a lot of adjustments. Well, we agree that no one is perfect and hence, a few compromises are at times essential to keep everything going good when you are in a relationship. But, at the same time, this should not stop you from expecting certain things from him that make you happy. After all, this relationship is about both of you, and not just him!

So, for all you ladies, who keep thinking about all the qualities that your man must have, here are a few suggestions from our side that you might want to consider as well. And, for all you men out there, do take a look at this video, where we tell you how you can make your lady love even happier.

We are sure all of you would totally agree with us that these small yet really adorable things done by men for the women in their lives can actually make their relationship even stronger.

#1. With whom she can hog

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You binge on your favourite food without feeling awkward or shy in front of your girlfriends. But, wouldn’t you love it if you can do the same in front of him as well? Of course, you would!

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#2. Who loves her pets as much as she does

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You don’t mind seeing the strands of your dog’s hair all over your clothes, furniture, blanket, and in entire house, and nor should he. Bliss!

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#3. Who answers the doorbell in the morning

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All the married ladies and those who are in a live-in relationship, would certainly understand what we are saying. Imagine it is early in the morning, and the doorbell rings. Now, wouldn't you love the man who does not let you come out of your dreams and answers it himself?

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#4. Who motivates her and is patient with her

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Every woman is special in her own way. She needs a guy who accepts and respects her for what she is. And, like any woman, even you would love to have that guy in your life, who lets you do whatever your heart desires. At the same time, who is patient with you despite your mood swings.

#5. Who knows what she needs after a long day

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When you reach home after a hectic day at work, having someone who has set the table with your favourite food on it and has also taken care of the dishes would truly be a mood up lifter. Right?

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#6. Who gives time to the relationship and not just to his work

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To make a relationship work, you need to nurture it. For doing so, you need to devote your time and attention to it. And, the man who has time for not just his work, but also for you, will definitely make your friends green with envy.

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#7. Who loves to stay at home on a weekend

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Agreed, it is always fun to dress up, get into your dancing shoes, and have a lovely weekend out with your friends. But, does it not feel great to have a guy, who just stays home sometimes and cuddles up in the bed together while watching your favourite movie?

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#8. Who respects and loves her parents as well

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When a girl gets married, her husband’s parents become her own parents. And, she loves and respects them just the way she does to her own. In the same manner, every woman needs a man who genuinely respects her parents, takes care of them, and is there for them in good as well as bad times.

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#9. Who shares the daily chores

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Every girl deserves a guy who shares the household responsibilities with her. Even you would love the one who does not have an ego when it comes to cooking or cleaning, or dividing household work. And, wouldn’t it be amazing to see that he knows where the cleaning supply is kept and how is it used?

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#10. Someone who makes her laugh

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Sense of humour is one thing that almost every girl looks for in a guy with whom she would spend the rest of her life. Aren’t you one of those? Well, we are pretty sure you are. After all, life would be so humdrum without fun and laughter!

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#11. Who knows what "pleases" her

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A guy who knows how to handle you and please you in bed just the way you want it and when you want it, is certainly a treat to have.

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#12. Someone who loves what she loves

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It is truly said that opposites attract. Generally, you may like certain things while your partner might like something else. But, imagine if your guy loves to eat what you do, watch the same television serials, go to your favourite travel destinations, and many more small things like these. Isn't it something you secretly wish for?

#13. Someone who feels lucky to be with her

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So, it is a known fact that you rock! And, only the guy who likes you just the way you are, is the one who deserves you. After all, the relationship will work only when he feels good to be with you.

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#14. Someone who is a grown up

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No woman likes to act like a mother to her guy. She needs someone who is a grown up, mature and responsible adult. She certainly does not deserve a guy who throws childish tantrums and is messy. A guy who makes her feel safe is someone that she needs to be with.

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#15. A guy who lets her be what she actually is

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There is absolutely no need for any girl to change who she really is, just for being with a guy. If he loves you for what you are, gives you your freedom and your space to let you be you, only then is this relation for keeps. You have as much a right to have your own life, friends, and peace of mind, as does he.

Well, aren't these very practical things that you would really want to see in your partner? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Just share this with him so that he knows how to make you happier in the relationship!



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