12 Unique And Awesome Uses Of Lip Balm You Definitely Did Not Know Before


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12 Unique And Awesome Uses Of Lip Balm You Definitely Did Not Know Before

A lip balm is undoubtedly one of those cosmetic products, which find space in almost every woman’s bag. Whether it is to soften their chapped lips or give them a little glossy sheen, women always have a lip balm in their handbags. Well, considering the trend of posing for a selfie with a perfect pout, this is a good enough reason to have a lip balm with you always. But, do you also know that there is a lot more that you can do with a lip balm?

Yes, you heard it right! So, here we bring to you some really unique and interesting uses of lip balm that will simply leave you astounded.

#1. Use as an eye shadow primer

As a primer’s main purpose is to hold your makeup for long hours, you can use lip balm for doing the same to your eye makeup. Just apply a small amount of lip balm on your eyelids before applying the eye shadow and other makeup products. Not only will your makeup last for long, but will also look fresh all that while.

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#2. Use as a blush

In case you run out of your blush, and need to give a fresh and stained look to your cheeks for a party, do not worry. Just take a small amount of your tinted lip balm on your fingers and dab them gently on the apples of your cheeks. After this, gently massage your cheeks with your fingers and you are good to go.

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#3. To tame your hair

If you have a lot of baby hair strands on crown area that are hard to tame once you are done with rest of your hairdo, then use this trick. Just rub a tiny bit of lip balm on your hands and gently dab it on the problem area. This will settle down the baby hair without giving you an oily look.

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#4. For thicker eyelashes

You can also use your highly nourishing lip balm to make your eyelashes grow thicker and longer. Just apply a tiny bit of your balm gently with your fingertips on your eyelashes every night before you go to sleep. The moisturising agents as well as the petroleum jelly will keep them nourished and healthy, and hence will help them grow naturally.

#5. For preventing shoe-bite

No matter how much do they hurt, women still love to wear high heels. But, why let them hurt you when you have your lip balm to save you? Yes, to avoid the formation of blisters, you can apply some lip balm on the areas where your shoes generally hurt you. The greasy texture of the balm will even soothe the already existing shoe-bites.

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#6. Grooming you eyebrows

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You are running late for a party with your friends and realise that you are out of your brow gel! Well, there is no need to panic. Just apply a small quantity of lip balm on your eyebrows and comb them with an eyebrow shaping brush. It will do the same job as that of an eyebrow gel.

#7. For removing a stuck ring

If ever your ring gets stuck in your finger, then there is no need to hurt yourself by forcibly pulling it out. Just apply some lip balm on your finger and then pull the ring. You will see it coming out very smoothly in just one stroke.

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#8. To stop cuts from bleeding

You never know when you might get injured. And, you may or may not have a first aid kit in your clutch. But, what you definitely will have is a lip balm. Apply it on small cuts and rashes for the bleeding to stop and healing to accelerate.

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#9. Treating dry cuticles

If you face the issue of dry and cracked cuticles quite often, then here is an easy way to get rid of them. All you have to do is take a lip balm that is enriched with moisturising agents, such as shea butter, essential oils or milk cream, and apply it on your cuticles. Now, massage your cuticles gently in a circular motion and you will get that perfect manicured look in just a few days.

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#10. To shine up your shoes

You surely would want to be prefect from head to toe in a party so as to look your best. And hence, you would want even your sexy leather shoes to be shining with grace. Well, if that is the case, then let us give you this really handy tip. Just apply some lip balm on your shoes with the help of a soft cotton cloth and they look absolutely new.

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#11. For taking care of the dry skin

You may not have a moisturiser with you everywhere you go, but a lip balm would definitely be there. So, if you suddenly realise that you forgot to apply moisturiser on your hands and feet before leaving the house, and now they look dry, then apply some lip balm on the required areas for soft and baby-soft skin.

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#12. Mend the zippers

Sometimes, the zippers on your clothes can ditch you at the last moment by getting stuck. In such a situation, your lip balm comes to your rescue! Just apply a bit of it on the zipper, and move it back and forth to smoothen it up.

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So, the next time you face any of these problems, you know what exactly to do. Just keep all of these ‘cool fixes’ in mind and of course, your lip balm in your bag.

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