5 Benefits Of Oily Skin That You Did Not Think Of Before


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5 Benefits Of Oily Skin That You Did Not Think Of Before

Do you always fret over the leathery shine and oily feel on your face? Have you tried endless beauty products and home-made facial masks to wipe it out? Well, you need not try to get rid of that anymore as there is a positive side to it as well.

Not convinced? Consider these benefits of the precious element on your skin that you thought was not doing any good to you.

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#1. The 24x7 glow

5 benefits of oily skin karisma kapoor

Even after washing your face at frequent intervals, that oiliness repeatedly comes back. This has always annoyed you because you have only noticed the greasiness, but never that permanent glow it leaves behind on your face. Yes, this troublesome oozing of oil is not your worst enemy, but a good luck for you to have an ever-radiant face. Since your skin is always dewy and lubricated with oil, your face looks shiny all the time. Isn’t it a cheap upkeep to keep your face looking healthy and vibrant all the time?

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#2. Age defying

5 benefits of oily skin gauri khan

Our skin slowly starts to lose its sheen and charm with age, as the inner layers start to thin and sag. But oily skin does have a plus here, as the ageing process is a bit gentler and slower for this type of skin. Oily skin retains the youthfulness of your face for long because the oil keeps the face moist, which means less wrinkles. On the other hand, skin which is stripped off of moisture, appears dull and crumbling. In short, the oily skin beautifully camouflages the crinkles and fine lines on your face and takes your years off. A good trade-off to look fresh and younger. We bet you will agree.

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#3. Naturally nourished

5 benefits of oily skin vidya malvade

You do not need to have those expensive moisturisers and lotions round the house because you have an in-built moisturising phenomenon with you. The more sebum (oil) your skin produces, the more moisture will be delivered onto your face leaving it supple. You will have a smooth glossy skin without any kind of investment. No matter how much you wash and scrub off your oiliness with toners or scrubs, the moisture from your face would not be wiped off. And you are lucky to have that extra protection during winters, which otherwise happens to be dreadful for those with dry and flaky skin. You are safe and shielded against the dry weather effect on your face.

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#4. Strong against harsh weather

5 benefits of oily skin kangana ranaut

The sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin secrete vitamin E (a natural anti-oxidant), which acts as a protector for the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin. Harsh lifestyle and exposure to sun, air pollution and chilly weather have lesser impact on oily-skinned ladies as compared to the one with dry skin. Continuous oil secretion from the glands forms a layer over your face, which helps you to battle out such tough weather conditions. Your thick skin will face just anything that the unpleasant weather dishes out.

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#5. Less is more

5 benefits of oily skin deepika padukone

That the foundations and lightening creams do not stay on your oily face for long is a downside for sure. But then at the same time, it does bring in a sigh of relief as you can easily skip the long list of beauty items during time crunch. You are ready to get-set-go with the natural oiliness and glow on your face. Just a dash of kajal, lip-gloss and your always-there radiance and you are complete to attend your parties, get-togethers and dates. So, enjoy the fact that it is far easier to look your best even with less makeup application.

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Though there are benefits of oily skin, it doesn’t mean it is the best skin type. Every skin requires care and maintenance and has its own beauty routine. Cleaning, toning and wiping the skin off the accumulated dirt are some of the common beauty regimen you need to follow with every skin type.