Complete Guide To Use 4 Basic Beauty Products That Will Give You An Instant Glow This Diwali


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Complete Guide To Use 4 Basic Beauty Products That Will Give You An Instant Glow This Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights! Then why keep your makeup dull, especially when the market is filled with so many products that can instantly 'glorify' your look, and turn you into a glistening diva for this festive occasion.

Cosmetics such as highlighters, bronzers, blushers, and luminisers, add intensity to your makeup by hiding the flaws of your face; while also adding a classy sheen to it in a go.

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So, here are some dos and don'ts while using such products to make your Diwali shinier than ever!

#1. Highlighters

A cosmetic used to put emphasis on features, such as eyes, cheekbones, chin, etc., to make you the limelight of the festival.

highlighter for diwali makeup


  • Highlighters with pearl and gold finish are ideal to pay heed to the festive mood by adding a classy sheen.
  • While using a highlighter, use a matte finish foundation, so that the hues of your makeup show up better.
  • Use it on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, lip’s cupid bow, and over the chin; while leaving rest of the areas perfectly matte to attain a classy avatar. Although it is light and dewy in nature, yet applying the highlighter all over the face should never be done.


  • You should never use a highlighter on the centre of your cheeks, centre of your forehead, and full nose; it will only turn your makeup appear all made up and nothing else.
  • Silver, copper, and rust colours are a big no-no when it comes to highlighters.
  • Glossy and shimmer highlighters are passé. Instead, try on highlighters having a luminous sheen to infuse luxury to your makeup while not looking tacky at all!

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#2. Bronzers

A cosmetic product in liquid, powder, or solid consistency; it is used for giving colour or shine to your skin. Basically, it is applied to the fair skin in order to get a sun-kissed, tanned look!

bronzer for diwali makeup


  • This festival of lights, look like a diva just out of a Hollywood movie by applying a bronzer. Draw a numeric '3' using your bronzer that covers your forehead, cheekbones and jawline altogether, and blend perfectly to attain a chiselled look. This will instantly take away a few pounds from your face.
  • Use baked mineralised bronzers to get the perfect look of your makeup. They will not only make you appear more tanned, but also nourish your skin texture and look fabulous when applied.
  • Apply these perfectly to endow a sun-kissed look to your face in the morning, and make it appear more tanned to attain a chiselled, sexy avatar at night.


  • Never use bronzers excessively. It should come out as all-natural and not made-up! Blending is the key for this product.
  • Never use a bronzer that is more than two shades darker to your skin tone. It will only end up looking dirty on your face. 
  • People often apply bronzer on their nose, thinking it would make it appear thinner, which is a sheer myth, that is what contouring does. Therefore, stop applying it on your snout, right away! 

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#3. Luminisers

A luminiser is a highlighter with a lot of sheen. Infact, it is a super-highlighter that helps you attain instant shine on specific facial features. Technically meant to diffuse light on your face, it tackles the dark areas of your face while infusing a luminous glow.

luminisers for perfect diwali makeup


  • It is advisable to keep your makeup base as matte as possible to enhance the effect of the luminisers used. This would allow your makeup to not look cakey and sweaty. In fact, this cosmetic is meant to diffuse light on your face to infuse a healthy glow. Use this to tackle the darkening areas of your face.
  • You can apply luminisers on the corner of your eyes, if you are a victim of dark circles to make your eyes appear brighter. One can use it on the corner of your lips, above the cheekbones, and eyelids too, to wave off similar woes.
  • Try to catch hold of an exact shade of luminiser as of your skin tone to make it work its best. A shade lighter would also do if you are not able to find the same shade. These are also considered best for hiding ageing signs, such as wrinkles, fine lines under the sunlight; so use them to accomplish the same.


  • A lot of us tend to apply luminisers all over the face; which is strictly not allowed as they reflect camera flash a lot and can end up emerging shinier than they are.
  • Same as highlighters; luminisers also follow the trend of ‘less is more’! So, applying it in huge quantities is not recommended at all to keep praises pouring in.
  • One should never powder their luminisers and treat them as a makeup base. They are single-handedly good to go.

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#4. Blushers

A powder or cream product, mostly in shades of pinks or peaches, is known to add warmth to your face after the base makeup is done.

blushers for perfect diwali makeup


  • With pinks and peaches forever remaining the favourite choices for blushers; one should choose the shade wisely. You may opt for pinks if you have fair or olive complexion, and peaches if you are more yellow or tan in nature.
  • Strong blushers are out of fashion, but contouring done with dark brown hues below your cheekbones, on your double chin, and on sides of the nose will camouflage the plumpness on your face.
  • You can skip your makeup brushes for applying blushers. Sponges are a perfect choice for this task for a superbly blended and an all-natural effect.


  • You should not create very harsh lines while working with blushers.
  • Stay away from using a contrasting hue of blusher to your lip colour, as it will make you look like a clown. Instead, stick to the same family colour of blushers.
  • Using creamy blushers are a definite no-no for this Diwali. Instead, use baked ones to infuse a natural flush on your face.

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So ladies, now that you know what products to use and how to use them, we are sure your Diwali will be as bright as ever. Team BollywoodShaadis wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali.

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