9 Common Makeup Mistakes That You Must Stop Making Right Now


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9 Common Makeup Mistakes That You Must Stop Making Right Now

Women of all ages are fond of applying makeup. And, why wouldn’t they be? After all, it helps them to make their pretty face look even more beautiful. Makeup not only makes women look more glamorous, but it also gives a boost to their confidence by hiding the flaws of the skin, such as dark lines, pigmentation, etc.

Well, we know that applying makeup gives you a wonderful feeling, but are you sure if your skin also feels the same when you do so? For those who just got confused, we are talking about some of the beauty mistakes that most women usually make. Since, some of these mistakes can even have an adverse effect on your skin, it is better to be informed about them. So, make a note of these common makeup blunders that you might have been making so far and start avoiding them from now.

#1. Not removing makeup before going to sleep

If you are lazy and prefer crashing into the bed without removing your makeup, then better be prepared to get rough, dry and older looking skin in no time. Makeup tends to go into the pores of the skin, making them larger in size. The oil and dirt blocked into your pores can lead to frequently occurring pimples. And, if you thought this is it, then wait as the worse is yet to come. This bad habit can also lead to the premature ageing of your skin.

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#2. Using makeup brushes without cleaning them

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned periodically with a mix of warm water and a small amount of baby shampoo. When you use the dirty brushes, the already accumulated makeup on them tends to clog your pores. This way, even your fresh makeup application can get completely ruined because of the caked up look. Furthermore, you stand the risk of infection on your face when you use dirty brushes.

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#3. Wrongly cleaning the eye makeup

Many women generally have a tendency to harshly rub their eyes with a wet cotton ball, in order to remove the eye makeup. Well, you need to understand that the skin around your eyes is delicate, and hence, is prone to wrinkles. Additionally, being so hard on your eyes would even harm the density of your eyelashes.

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#4. Using waterproof mascara frequently

The waterproof mascara might be a really tempting deal for many women as it stays for the longer period. But, it tends to leave your lashes really dry. And, as it is hard to remove the waterproof mascara, you might end up rubbing your eyes a lot while attempting to get it off your eyes. This will not only make the skin around your eyes sag, but will also make the lashes fall out.

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#5. Putting bronzer on the entire face

Your face might look amazing when you apply the bronzer on it, but only when you know where to apply it. While it is an essential makeup tool for the contouring of your face, applying it on your entire face will do no good to your look. Instead, the difference of colour between your neck and face will completely spoil the show. If at all you want to give your face a tanned look with a brinzer, then lightly apply it on the bridges of your nose, the cheekbones and the chin, instead of the entire face.

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#6. Wearing loads of foundation

You will simply end up with a pancake face by wearing too much of foundation. Makeup needs to be subtle in order to look real. Applying too much foundation will also make your skin tone look unnatural. And, just like bronzer, applying the foundation only on your face and not on the areas, like neck and shoulders, will just add to that 'unnatural look'.

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#7. Applying lip liner the wrong way

Despite what the name suggests, the lip liner needs to be applied on the entire lips and not only on the edges of your lips. This is because if your lip colour fades away in a few hours, what will be left would be a dark lip ring. Thus, apply the liner on the edges as well as the entire.

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#8. Preserving your cosmetics for years

There is always a maximum time limit, for which any cosmetic product lasts. While some might last only for a few months after opening their seals, other good brands might offer a little more time. But, it will not be a good idea to preserve the unused ones even after their expiry dates. It will do no good either to your look or your skin. Hence, you must keep discarding the old makeup products as soon as they cross their expiry date.

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#9. Not moisturising your body

This one is especially for the women with dry skin. It is usually observed that they spend plenty of their time to take care of their face, but they ignore the rest of their body. Well, the skin of your entire body needs as much attention as your face. The weather extremities, hot showers, pollution, etc., tend to cause damage to the skin from head to toe. So, if not nourished well with a good moisturiser daily, it will just lose its natural glow.

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Well, agreed that you were making these mistakes earlier only because you were not aware of them. But, now that you have a complete guide with you, it is the time to leave all these bad beauty habits behind and give your skin a healthy lifestyle.