12 Things You Must Be Sure Of Before Buying A Lipstick


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12 Things You Must Be Sure Of Before Buying A Lipstick

When it comes to makeup, a woman’s obsession for lipsticks is unbeatable. The bold colors, the magnetic charm and the sheer glow that a lip colour offers make her look prettier than ever. And, it goes without saying that all women have a huge collection of lip colours.

And, out of the humongous collection, she uses only a few while the others lie somewhere in the back of her dresser. That is because many a times, girls end up buying similar shades, shades that they don’t want really or brands that do not stay longer. If all of this rings a bell, read about everything you need to know as well as to keep in mind before buying your next lipstick.

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#1. Your Skin Tone

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Some lip shades don’t look as good on dusky skin tones as they do on fairer skin. Similarly, some shades don’t suit fairer women. Always remember that a shade that suits your friend might not look as attractive on you and so, always try it on before buying it.

# 2. Your Budget 

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International brands of cosmetics are very expensive nowadays. The lipsticks they offer range anywhere between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000. But you can also get good Indian brands in a much more reasonable price ranging from Rs 200- 1500. So, before you step out to buy, be sure of how much you need to spend.

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# 3. The Brand

branded lipsticks

International or national, both brands offer a wide variety of lipstick types and shades. You need to try out a few before discovering your type, the one that suits your lips and your personality the best.

# 4. The Expiry Date

makeup expiry date

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Also known as the shelf life of the lipstick, always look for the expiry. Most lipsticks have an expiry date of 3 years from its manufacture while the good brands usually have a one year period for use. Using expired ones will not only harm your lips but also won’t give you the desired result they promise in terms of colour, stay and sheen.

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# 5. A Proper Trial

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Before buying the lip color, try the tester on your hand, just below your palm. You will get to know the exact shade of how the colour will look on your lips.

# 6. Are You A Crème Or Matte Person?

matte lipstick

Crème lipsticks give your lips a little bit of moisturisation hence making them look smoother while matte shades are without any gloss or moisture and so they stay on longer. Decide the look you want on yourself before buying, because both the types have completely different effects.

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#7 The Market Is Full Of Fakes

Which is why, never buy cosmetics from local vendors or unknown shopping sites.  Always shop from good branded stores for cosmetics as fake ones can cause harm to you face and skin.

# 8. It Is Better To Buy In Person

Many a times, the shades that you see on online cosmetic sites don’t turn out to be the same when you receive the order. Thus, it is better to go and check out the shades in person and buy or order it online with discounts, but only after noting down the exact shade you want.

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# 9. The Shades You Already Have

Some lip colours go waste because unknowingly, you tend to buy the shades similar to what you already have. So, take a good look on all your existing shades before going and buying more and wasting money unnecessarily.

# 10. Online Reviews Are A Blessing In Disguise

Image Courtesy: Flipkart

All good online sites have reviews of the products they sell by their customers. Such reviews are very helpful for you to decide which brands are good, which shades are vibrant and which brand is a long stay.

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# 11.  Do You Have Allergies?

Some brands have fruity flavours and essence in their lipsticks. Some lipsticks have ingredients that might not suit you or might give you some allergy. So, always read the ingredients of the lipstick carefully before buying it.

# 12. Decide The Type You Are Looking For

When it comes to choosing the correct lipstick type, more often than not, women get confused with things like glossy finish, a tint of colour, a lip moisturiser with a hint of colour or a proper dark matte. At this time, one needs to clearly decide and be sure of the type they are looking for before they end up paying much more than one actually should.

So, now that you have the guide to buying your next lip colour, what are you waiting for? Get to the makeup store already and have some fun shopping!

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