4 Fantastic Tips For Morning Brides To Ensure Long-Lasting Makeup For Their Daytime Wedding


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4 Fantastic Tips For Morning Brides To Ensure Long-Lasting Makeup For Their Daytime Wedding

There are many cultures in India that follow the ritual of a daytime wedding. Though, it proves to be convenient in many ways, a marriage during the daytime may cause the bride’s makeup to melt off sooner, especially during the hotter months. However, the latest range of waterproof products makes sure that your makeup stays in place. Besides this, there are certain techniques that can turn your makeup long-lasting; even in the hot and humid months. So, let us take a look at some fantastic tips for the daytime brides to make sure that their makeup stays up for long.

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#1. Face pack wonders

To avoid sweating a lot on her wedding day, a bride-to-be may try closing her skin pores by using the classic face pack method. For this, just choose a face pack according to your skin type, and apply it evenly on your face. Wash off after it dries to reveal a tightened skin texture that is sweat proof as well. Do this half an hour before your beautician starts with your makeup. This will prepare your skin for a long-lasting makeup. Also, it will let the foundation glide easily in your skin while preventing sweating, hence helping you to attain a mess-proof makeup.

If you want a homemade face pack, then you can try the one made of fuller’s earth. So, take a small amount of fuller’s earth and just add some rose water in it if you have oily skin. And, if your skin is dry, you can apply a mix of fuller’s earth, milk and honey. On the other hand, ladies with normal skin may simply add curd in it and apply it to have a long-lasting makeup-ready skin!

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#2. Bring some ice to rescue

Before your bridal makeup artist starts adorning you, just rub a few pieces of ice cubes wrapped in a muslin cloth all over your face. Do this slowly and steadily in circular motion to get great results. It will close all your skin pores and prevent any further sweating– eventually causing less smudging of your makeup. Not only this, the ice will also smoothen up the texture of your skin for a velvety-finish of your makeup on the most important day of your life. So ladies, make sure you do not miss out on following this wonderful tip.

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#3. Quick fix your do

Though, only waterproof makeup bases are usually chosen for bridal makeup, yet the face turns out to be messy by the wedding concludes. As a rescue remedy, try applying a thin layer of pancake foundation under your normal base. This will act as a great waterproof barrier on your skin. And, will turn your makeup long-lasting as well as intact along with a dewy finish.

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#4. Stick to the basics

Apart from all this, using waterproof eye makeup essentials like- kohl, liner and mascara provide the much-needed longevity to your eye makeup. So, make sure you stick to them when it comes to your bridal makeup. Avoid lip glosses for your daytime marriage as they can mix up with sweat, causing an unpleasant, sticky and uncomfortable feel. Instead, use matte and waterproof lipsticks to unveil a perfect pout. Lastly, let your beautician fix your makeup by applying a good quality makeup fixer to give it longevity throughout your nuptials and beyond.

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So ladies, now you can easily throw all the makeup-related worries for your daytime wedding celebrations aside. Just follow these simple tips and carry your beautiful smile along to look no less than a beauty queen on the most important day of your life!

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