6 Amazing Makeup Tricks That Can Help You Click A Perfect Selfie Without Using Any Filters


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6 Amazing Makeup Tricks That Can Help You Click A Perfect Selfie Without Using Any Filters

Whether you love them or you hate them, selfies are here to stay and for a long time. Taking a selfie isn’t just fun but an art too. Those shots taken closely can be very tricky to get right (sometimes!). Right from the pose to the camera quality, camera angle to lighting, everything is important to take into account for a perfect selfie..

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But what’s even more important is the makeup all you girls wear while clicking the shots. For selfie purpose - a simple and natural makeup is recommendable, where you can highlight your appreciable features and camouflage scars, dark circles, etc. Here we bring to you some untold makeup hacks that will help you in clicking some awesome selfies. There you go!

#1. Primer

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Using primer is very important as it soothes the surface of your skin, minimises the appearance of fine lines and pores. It creates a barrier between the product and skin. It also helps foundation look natural and smooth. After washing your face with a gentle cleanser, you can apply the primer and blend it evenly.

#2. Concealer

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Concealer is used to camouflage all your dark circles, acne marks, sun spots, and all face imperfections. Apply it on your face with a brush or your fingertips. Dab the concealer onto the top of each mark; then blend it softly.

#3. Foundation

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Foundation acts as a blank canvas, therefore, select a foundation that matches your skin tone. After using primer and concealer, apply the foundation at the centre of your face, and then blend it around your face and harmonise it with your neck and hairline. Now end it up with a setting powder.

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#4. Eye

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Commence eye makeup by applying eye primer on your upper lids and then use a light eye-shadow. For beauties with small eyes can wear thick eyeliner and for big eyes, use winged eyeliner to get a balanced look. For a selfie purpose, classic winged eyeliner is considered to be the best choice.

#5. Contouring cheeks

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If you have chubby cheeks then you can contour it to look slimmer. Pick bronzer two-hues darker to the original skin tone and apply it on the hollow parts of cheeks. Now take a beauty blender and tap it over the area of the contour colour, merge it into your base foundation. This is how you can emerge as a selfie queen.

 #6. Lips

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Flaunt your pout fabulously in super-hot hues like red, peach, or coral. But, don’t forget to harmonise the colour with your makeup in order to look sexy yet sophisticated at the same time. You can highlight the central part of your lips with a lighter shade of lipstick and make it appear poutier.

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We hope that these makeup hacks might help you and will give some amazing lot of selfies. Don’t forget to share your feedbacks with us in the comments section below!