12 Reasons Which Prove That 'Devar' Is The First Best Friend A 'Bhabhi' Makes In Her 'Sasural'


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12 Reasons Which Prove That 'Devar' Is The First Best Friend A 'Bhabhi' Makes In Her 'Sasural'

The devar-bhabhi relationship is truly one of a kind. They both annoy each other by pulling up little pranks, take care of each other like brothers and sisters and share secrets like friends.

To have a devar is a blessing. The realtionship that you share with him is one of a kind. Here are some more reasons why having a younger and naughty brother-in-law is great.

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#1. He knows the secrets of your husband

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He is your husband's brother so he must know all his secrets. Yes, there is this impeccable bro-code between guys, but you are his beloved bhabhi, and no less important to him than his brother. That means that you have the divine right to make him break that rule. And trust us, he wouldn't mind sharing his brother's secrets with you, in fact he will have a lot of fun doing that.

#2. You can poke him about his girlfriend

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The best part of having a devar is that you can poke him for various things and he would not mind. But, the best one is to tease him about his girlfriend. Asking him when he would bring her home, when he would ask her to marry him. You will love making him blush about it.

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#3. He looks up to you as a mother as well as a friend

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For him, you are like a mother who takes care of him and a friend who would never betray him. Whenever he is hungry or is unable to find his favourite shirt, he will come to you. When he is having issues in his personal life, he would not hesitate in sharing that as well. In you, he has found a very rare combination and thus, he totally adores you.

#4. He appreciates whatever you do for him

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You love cooking for him, taking care of his little things because he never fails to thank you for that. He always appreciates whatever you do for him, which in turn makes you feel happy.

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#5. He will pamper you as well

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Let us tell you, you will not be the only one taking care of him, he will do it for you too. After a very long time he has found someone, for whom he could buy all those girly gifts. After all his trips, you will end up having a big sac of gifts.

#6. He will drive you around without any complaints

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If you have to go somewhere and your husband is not around, you can always count on your devar to take you wherever you have to go. He will not make excuses like your husband, as he is always happy to be at your service.

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#7. He makes sure that you don't get bored

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He will be your personal entertainer. If you are feeling low or have nothing to do, he will make it his responsibility to make you laugh. From funny dances to homemade cold-coffees, he will never let your life be monotonous.

#8. Even his friends will love you

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Just like your devar, his friends will respect you too. You will automatically become the Alpha of their group whom everybody listens too. All the boys and the girls in his friend circle will adore you.

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#9. You will be hosting a lot of house parties

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Now that he has you, he will pester you to throw house parties with him, and you would love to do that. Devars make your life exciting.

#10. You can play pranks on each other

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Those little pranks are an essential part of a bhabhi-devar relationship. You will keep on playing pranks on each other. If you have a bro-in-law, you will be falling short of pranks, as he will always be coming up with new ones.

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#11. He will never let you miss your little brother

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Moving to a different place is not entirely easy. You will miss your family, especially your siblings. With a devar around, that feeling of missing your siblings would not bug you that often. With him around, you will not miss your little brother that much.

#12. You love covering up for him

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Just as you did for your own siblings, you would love covering up for him because you know how easily he gets into trouble.

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Your little brother-in-law will always bring a smile to your face. He will be your dependable partner and will adore you and love you unconditionally. We assure you, that having him around, will be one of the best things you experience in your new home after marriage.

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