11 Things You Want To Tell Your Soon-To-Be Jiju About Your Sister


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11 Things You Want To Tell Your Soon-To-Be Jiju About Your Sister

Sisters are each other’s soulmates. They have a key to each other’s heart along with a full proof list of the do's and don’ts to make the other one happy. When one sister gets married, there are waves of emotions that hit the other one. She is excited that now she will have a jiju who will be her new friend, but she is also a little worried about her bestie.

There are a lot of things that she wants her future jiju to know about her sister for a smooth sailing. So, here we have listed a few of them, scroll down and take a look!

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#1. She is mine

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Before she is anyone else’s, she belongs to me. We have lived in each other’s first home which is a kind of bonding that makes us inseparable. I am ready to share her with you with a promise that you won’t try to come between us. You too can be a part of our crazy girly gossip nights!

#2. She is wide-eyed crazy

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I know that by now you must also have caught a pinch of the glimpse of my sister's mad side. But, let me warn you in advance that my sister is a wide-eyed crazy. She can burst into a song or a happy dance at any moment. You might even find her arguing with someone who comes between her and her coffee. So, be careful!

#3. She gets hurt easily

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She is crazy and fun loving but she is very sensitive too. She gets hurt easily. If you have even a figment of a doubt that a certain thing might not go down well with her, it probably won't. I am giving her to you with a tag of ‘Fragile; Handle with Care’.

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#4. She loves to spread the love

My sister has so much of love to give to everyone. This is what makes her unique. No matter whether it is a stranger or someone close to her, she will greet everyone with the same enthusiasm. She just loves to make everyone feel loved. Also, she won’t ask for it in return, but you have to make it your duty to return her the same!

#5. She is my bestie

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

She’s more than a sister, she is my best friend. She always had my back. She listened to every nonsense that my mind cooked up. I know it that she will do the same for you as well. She will be your best friend too and trust me; you will adore her in that role.

#6. Stay away from her closet

Image Courtesy: Vivah

Image Courtesy: Vivah

You will soon take the vows to share all your happiness and sorrows, but let me warn you, stay away from her closet. Neither has she ever shared it with anyone nor will she ever want to do it in the future. So, stay away from her closet and save yourself from her wrath.

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#7. She loves her freedom

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My sister is a mature person. She is always in control of herself and she should be the only person to control her. Don’t try to take away her freedom. She might not complain, but as far as I know her, it will definitely affect her in some way or the other. If you love her, you have to set her free. Only in her freedom, she will be completely yours!

#8. She is career-oriented

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She has worked very hard to be where she is right now. A lot of sleepless nights have gone into making her career the way it is. She loves it and I hope that you will understand her professional commitments.

#9. She is very supportive

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My sister has always been there for everyone in the times of the need. She will never put herself above her family. You will always have her by your side through thick and thin.

#10. She is the best

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My sister is the best sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend and aunt to our nephews and nieces. She is just the best and I am sure that she will be the best wife, daughter-in-law, and a mother too. Trust me, you are going to have the best person as your life partner.

#11. She loves you too

Image Courtesy: Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai

Isn’t it obvious? She is ready to give up her world to move in with you and create a new life. This is only because she is head over heels in love with you. Her love for you is pure and rock solid.

P.S. I have heard her saying sweet stuff about you in her sleep.

When a sister gets married, it is a bittersweet moment for the other sister. She is excited that her sister is going to start a new chapter of her life and she will have someone who is going to love her till eternity, but she is a little heartbroken. All she wishes for her sister is to have a husband who will love her more forever. And we hope that all the jijus take note from this and fulfil their saali’s demands!

PS: Cover image for representational purpose only.

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