6 Fun And Creative Ways For Couples To Share Their Wedding Hashtags With Their Guests


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6 Fun And Creative Ways For Couples To Share Their Wedding Hashtags With Their Guests

Creating a wedding hashtag is not only fun, but it also lets you keep all the photos as well as the wishes of your friends and family members at one place. But, to make sure that all this happens, you need to ensure that your wedding hashtag is known to all your guests. Well, we know you are thinking how it will be possible for you to tell each and every guest of yours about it on the wedding day itself! And, that is why we are here for you.

So, take a look at these really cool and creative ways to announce your wedding hashtag to all your guests.

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#1. Signboard at the entrance

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Image Courtesy: B. Schwartz Photography (left), W&E Photographie (right)

By installing a signboard with the hashtag at the entrance of your wedding venue, you will be telling people that they are in for some fun. And, there are high chances that your guests will start clicking photos from there itself. Thus, you will have everything from the entrance to the inside details of your venue, when you will have a look at Instagram after the wedding. Hang it up at the gate or keep it on the sides, just make sure that it will be visible to everyone entering the venue.

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#2. On the table

wedding hashtag
Image Courtesy: Wedding Tag (left), Pinterest (right)

You can keep a small and colourful cardboard sign on the tables to inform your guests about the hashtag. Therefore, if not at the entrance, they will know it now. Also, they will pass through the entrance just once, but they are going to have a seat for long. Make sure that the sign does not occupy too much of space, so as to steer clear of annoying the guests.

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#3. Photo frame

wedding hashtag
Image Courtesy: Dream to Inspire Blog

Install a colourful photo frame at the photo booth and request every guest to get clicked while holding it. Not only will it make a fun prop at your photo booth, it will also ensure that the guests will correctly remember your wedding hashtag.

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#4. Display it on the screen

wedding hashtag
Image Courtesy: Postano

You can have a big screen placed at your wedding venue, which will display photographs of your various pre-wedding functions. And, you can use this screen to let your guests be aware of your wedding hashtag as well! Simply get the hashtag separately printed below or above the screen, or insert a slide displaying the hashtag within the slideshow.

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#5. On return gifts

Only a few will start using the hashtag while uploading the pictures during the wedding. The rest of them will go home, relax a bit and may upload it a day later. This means there is a chance that they might forget a complicated (or even a simple) hashtag. You can add a small card over the return gift that will have the hashtag, or you can get it printed on the wrapper itself. Since, each guest will be exiting with a return gift, they will be carrying the hashtag to their homes. Hence, it does not matter whether they remember it or not, the gift will remind them of it.

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#6. On drinks and desserts

Image Courtesy: Etsy (left), Toovia (right)

This is quite an interesting and sure shot way to ensure that your guests see your wedding hashtag. You can add toppers on ice cream cups, cupcakes or other desserts displaying your hashtag. Similarly, you can add a small piece of paper to the straw of the drink that will have the hashtag written on it. Every guest of yours will surely be having the desserts and drinks. So, this trick will definitely ensure that they notice your wedding hashtag.

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These were some fun and creative ways to spread your wedding hashtag on your big day. So, pick the ones you liked and let your guests know where to post the pictures. And, if you have more such cool ideas to share with us, then do not hesitate to leave us a message in the comments section below.

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