8 Super Cool Ways To Get A Sexy Summer Body


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8 Super Cool Ways To Get A Sexy Summer Body

Alright, just to clear the air, this is not one of those articles that will give you workout plans or diet charts to lose weight in a specific number of days. Every body type and composition is different and a single weight loss program might not suit all.

So, what really needs to be done for shedding off those extra kilos, is a new outlook, some more commitment and a hell lot of dedication. A strong mindset and goal-oriented thinking helps you achieve your weight loss target, and not some fat burning capsules or excercise CDs. So, here are eight things you need to do to actually be able to lose weight, for real this time.

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#1. Put yourself before technology

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First and foremost, switch off your laptops, televisions, and put your cell phones on silent mode. If you really need to lose weight, then watching weight loss videos on the laptop and ordering equipments from the teleshopping advertisments is useless. Get out there in the open. Take time off from social media and updating status messages about getting started, and actually get started. If you really want to wear that bikini you got this summer, you need a plan of action!

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#2. Stop saying I cannot and start saying I will

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Condition your mind in such a way that you stop saying and start doing. You need to help yourself first for anyone else to help you. After all, how much more pep talk or motivation do you need to actually begin? There is no right or wrong time to get started, and NOW is the only time you should!

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#3. Go shopping

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Buy good workout clothes and sports shoes. When you look good, you feel good. And, that gives you more confidence to actually get things started. Lose weight while looking stunning. Now that is a really cool way to kick-start things, right?

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#4. Try something new

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If you find hitting the gym a bit monotonous, try to find a new exciting weight loss programme. Enroll yourself for some fun-filled dance classes, power yoga, Pilates workouts or the most popular one doing the rounds right now, Zumba classes. You will lose weight while enjoying the process. What else could you ask for?

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#5. Get good company

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Working out alone can sometimes get very boring. Get your husband, friend, sister, brother or parents to workout with you. You would not even come to know how time will fly. You will finish the day’s exercise plan in no time while enjoying the company!

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#6. Competing will bring out the fire in you

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Challenge your own self by enrolling in some sports competitions like marathons, friendly football matches or charity events. That will not only help you let go of your fears, but also help you gain more confidence. It will also help you set new goals and limits for you to achieve.

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#7. Sizzle up that diet

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Even if you are on a diet, sizzle it up. For example, instead of having a mango shake every day, blend the mangoes with some curd and freeze it. You will get to enjoy your very own chilled mango smoothie! Instead of having dry fruits as plain snacks, roast them and mix them with melted jaggery. Allow them to set for a while and voila! Your tasty dry fruit bars are ready.

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#8. Finish what you started

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And finally, always finish what you started. It might not give you the results you anticipated, but do not quit halfway. That is what will make you succeed not only in losing weight, but in other decisions of life as well. And once you stop giving up, achieving your goal will become a piece of cake!

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So, go out there and get in shape. Remember, it is only a strong commitment you will make to yourself that will make you lose the unwanted weight. Be determined and a go-getter! Nothing and no one can stop you from getting what you desire.

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