Relationship Hacks: 15 Clever Ways To Be The Perfect 'Daamad' To Your Wife's Parents


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Relationship Hacks: 15 Clever Ways To Be The Perfect 'Daamad' To Your Wife's Parents

If you thought it is very difficult to keep your wife happy at all times, wait till you need to impress your in-laws. You read that right mate! As happy and content as they might seem to be with you, if you do not do the things they wish you did, you are most likely NOT in their good books. So, in order to be not just the perfect ‘Pati’ but the perfect ‘Daamad’ too, we bring to you easy and clever tricks that you need to start following right now to become the best daamad.

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#1. Take their daughter to meet them very often

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So what if you just visited your in-laws a few days back? Even infinite number of times is not enough for a daughter to go meet her parents. Save that in your mind’s hard disk.

#2. Do not act like a typical daamad

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If you really want them to accept you as their son and not an outsider they have to bear for their daughter, act normal around them. Do not expect them to wait hand and foot on you and, treat you like you are not their daughter’s husband, but royalty.

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#3. Take your wife’s side when she has a fight with your mommy

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Well, even if you know who is actually right, just listen to her for the moment, console her and make her understand where she was wrong later. That makes all the difference and earns you a gold coin in your in-law’s good books.

#4. Be ever-ready to attend their family functions

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Whether it is an outstation wedding or a five-day long boring reunion of relatives, show some positive spirit. Show them how excited you are. Try to get to know the fam jam better!

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#5. Sit with them and pull your wife’s leg

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Mothers love to share embarrassing stories of their children with their respective spouses. So, when your mom-in-law does that, sit on her side and pull your wife’s leg. See how taking her side will make you her favorite person.

#6. Talk to them like they are your friends

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Parents want to be treated as equals, they want to be in the loop, they feel nice if you keep them informed and hang out with them every once in a while. They did it for you all the time while you grew up. So it is your turn now to do it for them, whether they are your own folks or your in-laws.

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#7. Love and pamper your wife

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When your wife is super happy, she will obviously share this happiness with her parents. Knowing what a wonderful person you are and how well you take care of their daughter, they would not do anything else than love and respect you even more. Afterall a daughter’s happiness in her new home is what every parent expects out of their son-in-law.

#8. Don’t expect gifts for your entire family on every festival

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Like all the traditional Indian families of the ladke walas expect! Instead, put a stop to this unnecessary practice that puts a hell lot of mental and financial pressure on the girl’s parents for the rest of their lives.

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#9. Mediate between them and your wife

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We all fight with our parents every now and then because of which, major or minor issues keep cropping up. By now, you know both well enough to solve their issues and become the hero in their eyes.

#10. Be casual around them

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If you are hungry, go grab something to eat from the kitchen, if you feel like watching some TV, switch it on in the next room in order to not disturb anyone else who’s sleeping. Simple things = big differences!

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#11. Appreciate their efforts

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Learn to show gratitude. Don’t always keep taking, learn to give as well. Through gifts, through words or gestures; in your own way thank and appreciate all that they do for you so selflessly.

#12. Talk of wanting to start a family soon

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After their daughter gets married and leaves them to go settle in her new family, nani and nanu can only dream of their little grandchild coming to visit them and making their lives brighter and more occupied again. So, start talking about family planning, keeping them in the loop.

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#13. Ask them out when you go for outings

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Be it for movies, a short road trip or just for shopping followed by coffee; ask them out on dates. Show them how comfortable you are in their company and you rather enjoy hanging out with them.

#14. Talk of politics with your dad-in-law

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Because isn’t that what dads like to talk about all the time? If nothing else does, this surely will help you bond with your father-in-law. And by doing so, you might learn a few political facts yourself! Isn’t that a great way to learn and earn more points in your dad-in-law's good books?

#15. Keep them in the loop

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About everything! Even if their daughter forgets to tell them, you make sure that you keep them informed. Staying away from you, how else are they expected to know anything? A job change, plans to relocate, plans of buying a new expensive asset or plan to start your family; let them be a part of it too.

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The reputation of an Indian damaad is not a very good one to begin with. From being demanding to acting pricey, from having lot of expectations to ill-treating their wives when the expectations are not fulfilled; believe it or not, such men still do exist and that too in huge numbers. Not only uneducated, but educated families too encourage the same. So, you rise above it all. Be different, set a great example for other men to follow and be the best damaad ever! After all, don’t you want to be called the ‘’most wanted munda?’’

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