10 Ways In Which Your Relationship Changes With Your Siblings Once They Get Married


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10 Ways In Which Your Relationship Changes With Your Siblings Once They Get Married

Siblings are very important part of our life. Since childhood they fight, love, argue, pamper and above all, they are always with you to support and motivate you. But post marriage, relationship changes with them.

Some changes are for betterment while some are not that good. Here are the ways in which relationship changes with siblings once they get married!

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#1. You have to juggle with more responsibilities

Post their marriage, your responsibilities increase. Everyone including your parents, relatives, even your sibling expects you to take more responsibilities and handle them in a much matured way. You now juggle a lot more hats (their spouse, their relatives, your relatives) and much more.

#2. Communication becomes more perfunctory

Before their marriage, you might have a very strong bond and share every small detail about your life with them. But now, things have changed. Slowly and gradually, they become less interested in your life and you might also not bother to give them a call every now and then. The time they used to share with you, giving you suggestions, now gets distributed to other tasks.

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#3. You can’t always count on them

It is bound to happen. If you are planning to have a party or a trip, and want them to accompany, you will have to check their availability once they get married. And, there are more chances that you will find them busy with their new family.

#4. No more financial help

You must be demanding big pocket money for parties, clothes or getting interesting gifts from them every now and then. But now, you cannot expect much of the financial help from them. As they have another family to look for and their priorities have changed, you might get back-seated in their life.

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#5. Fights and arguments become things of past

All of us have big fights with them on small stuff. But now, you have to check your tone before talking to them. You have to think twice before asking your married siblings about anything. This is how time runs.

#6. No more calling with pet names

You can’t call them with silly pet names anymore. They will themselves expect you to behave properly and in matured way in front of their in-laws, once they are married.

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#7. Get along with their partner

Your sibling will expect you to behave well or get along very well with their partner. Whether you like it or not, you will have to maintain a good relationship with their partner too.

#8. Limit your dependency

You have to keep a check on your expectations. You have to set minimal expectations from your married sibling. You have to limit your dependency on them and also learn to lead your life independently.

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#9. Stuff no longer belongs to you

You might be sharing the same room, or laptop with them. But now, you have to ask them first. You can’t take everything for granted. Now you will have limited access to their things.

#10. You can’t dominate them anymore

You can’t boss around once they get married. Whether it is your elder sister or brother, you need to accept the truth that your sister has left your home and staying at some other place or your brother has someone new in his life. You might feel a bit weird about it, but it is just a part of life. Learn to accept it!

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Every one of us has to go through this phase of life. So, it is always better to have positive feelings and extended support towards your sibling, so that they can manage their new life well. It is the time you can return the same support, love and care that you have received from them in all these years.

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