19 Ways He Shows You That You Are The One


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19 Ways He Shows You That You Are The One

When it comes to relationships, every girl thinks that this one is for the keeps. She wants it to be something that is her first and last, a relation that will stand the test of times and blossom forever. But, as convinced as she may be, she needs to look out for signs that her guy feels the same way or not. They say, men are not expressive and are unable to communicate what they really want to. This may be true, but there are ways that they resort to other than saying it out loud that show you he is the one for you, and he values this relationship as much as you do. So, if you have not caught them yet, here are the 19 most adorable things your guy does or will do to make you a hundred percent sure that he is the only one for you.

#1. He does not expect you to be cheery all the time

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Because there are days when you feel down, want to cut away from the world, and just stay home and eat straight out of an ice cream tub. You do not need to change doing that in front of him. He just gets you.

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#2. He remembers the names of all your close friends

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Because he knows what your close buddies mean to you and he wants to know them too.

#3. He likes to meet and mix up with your family

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After all, he wants to be around them his entire life, so why not make a strong bond from now itself? And, this he does not do on gun point, but because he really wants to.

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#4. He holds your hand instinctively all the time

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He does not do that on purpose, but it is kind of his natural instinct that makes his hand run toward yours to gently hold it whenever you are together.

#5. He tells you every teeny-tiny detail of his life

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Not because he plans to write a biography on it, but because he wants to stay in the loop and is most interested in you and what goes on in your life. He always wants to be a part of it.

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#6. He loves you for what you are

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With him you are just you, no pretence, no judgments, and no show offs. You are the person you really are and that is what he really loves about you.

#7. He kisses you off-guard

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And, not just when he wants to initiate something more! He does it because he feels like anytime, anywhere and never misses a chance to make serious eye contact with you.

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#8. You can look washed out, tired and sleep-deprived in front of him

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You do not need to put ten layers of makeup on your face before meeting him, even if you have had a rough week. You can even look like a zombie for all he cares!

#9. He loves your pet as much as you do

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Because he knows that the only reason you have one is because you love animals and your pet means the world to you. He treats your pet just as his own.

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#10. He supports you no matter what

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He stands by you in thick or thin and makes sure you have his shoulder to fall back on anytime.

#11. He always values your opinion and never takes a decision without discussing things with you

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Because now his decisions are not only his! For him, ‘us’ and ‘we’ is what matters and for that, both your opinions will help make a decision.

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#12. He talks about your future as a couple

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Because you are the only one he sees a happy future with and so he talks about it always. He never shies away from commitment.

#13. He always wants to make you happy

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He goes out of his way to do things for you that make you happy, not just on special occasions, but otherwise too. Be it giving you sweet surprises, taking you out shopping or just cooking you a great meal at home, he knows what cheers you up!

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#14. His friends are important but you are his priority

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He surely loves to hang out with his friends and enjoys his boys time, but not at the cost of your happiness. His priorities are straight and set; they are ‘you’!

#15. Your idea of romance and love is the same

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You like the same pace, the same moves and share the same views on romance. You even like to watch the same kind of rom coms and have your own naughty jokes to share, which no one else can understand.

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#16. He likes to go shopping with you

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Yes, you read that right. Men like that do exist! So girl, isn’t that enough of an indication to know he is the one?

#17. He wants you to be a part of everything in his life

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Your life is now his and vice versa. As much as he wants to be involved in yours, he also wants you to be a part of everything in his life.

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#18. You fight a lot but you love more

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Who does not fight when in a serious relationship? It is pretty normal, but if you love each other more than you fight, it is time to take things to the next level. Are those wedding bells we hear?

#19. Good days, bad days- at the end of the day he just wants to be with you

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Because that is what soulmates are for; to be with you and comfort you when you are at your highs and lows in life. Their touch and hug is what you need, and for him, you being there is what matters the most at such times.

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So, if your guy shows you the same signs, consider yourself lucky and do not let him go. Not every girl is so lucky to have found her prince charming. So, do not forget to tag your Mr. Right and let him know how grateful you are to have him.

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