9 Ways For The Maid Of Honour To Keep Herself Calm During The Wedding


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9 Ways For The Maid Of Honour To Keep Herself Calm During The Wedding

Being a bride is a tough job, but being the maid of honour is even tougher. Not only does she need to take care of her own chores, but of the bride's and other guests' as well. Everyone goes on a search for her whenever any problem arises. She becomes the bride's right hand woman, taking care of her appointments and every other minute detail. She becomes ecstatic because her sister or best friend is getting married, but she also feels under pressure because of the responsibilities. This article is for all those girls whose sister or best friend is getting married.

Read below and find out how you can keep calm during a wedding.

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#1. Make a checklist

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Indian weddings mean that a number of things will be happening simultaneously. This can confuse anyone, including the one with superb managerial skills. When things are not happening in an orderly manner, stress is bound to happen. To avoid this stress, make a checklist. This checklist has to be a well-thought one. Try to keep the high priority things on the top of your list. And, stick by this list. Hopefully, stress will not bother you.

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#2. Delegate responsibilities

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We know that you want everything to be the best at your best friend's or sister's wedding, but you must understand that you cannot do everything on your own. No matter how efficient you are, you cannot be present at two places at once. So, when the workload is high, try to share your work with other members and trust them. Delegation is important for a stress-free wedding.

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#3. Handy contacts

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Since you are the one who is taking care of most of the things, all the aunties, uncles and kids are going to bother you for everything, literally everything! If the water is not cold, their dress got torn, the driver is not around or the fan is not working, they will come to you. They expect you to solve all the troubles. Well, you cannot say no to them, but you can keep all the contacts handy. Whenever there is any problem, just dial the relevant number.

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#4. Work in advance

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You can never be too early when it comes to wedding preparations. Last minute troubles will always knock on your door. In all honesty, you cannot completely avoid the last minute work pile, but you can definitely reduce the load by taking care of a few things well in advance. For example, you can shop for the non-perishable things in advance, make the bookings at least two months before the wedding. This way, these little things would not pile-on for the end.

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#5. Exercise

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If you are a regular gym goer, do not skip it for any reason and if you hate exercising, start doing it. Exercising is a great stress -reliever. It is known to help stimulate feel-good hormones. Also, it gives a sense of confidence. Ultimately, exercise will help you tackle your worries.

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#6. Meditate

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Meditation is another great way to keep calm. The best thing about it is that you can do it anywhere and at any time. Whenever you feel like things are slipping out of your hands and the work is not happening in an orderly way, take a step back, relax and meditate. Not only will it help you to maintain a cool head, it will improve your concentration and efficiency as well.

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#7. Eat Right

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We know that you are responsible for a lot of things and everyone looks up to you whenever they need help. It does increase the pressure which results in bad eating habit. It will not be good for you. Disturbed eating habits make one lazy and you do not need this. Eat light, well and timely.

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#8. Communicate

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Yes, it is true that it is your responsibility to take care of the bride and listen to her, be it her excitement or woes. But, you can share your troubles with her too. You should not keep your worries to yourself as it just contributes in increasing stress. Communicate with her and let her know about the things that bother you. She will be able to help you with a lot of stuff.

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#9. Shop for yourself

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Since, you will be in the spotlight at all times, you need to look your best. So, shop for yourself beforehand because once the shopping for the bride and wedding will initiate, you will have no time to shop for yourself. Do it in advance so that you would not have to worry about that at the end. When this is done, you will be able to fully concentrate on other aspects of the wedding.

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At a wedding, everyone takes care of the bride and the groom and forget about that person who takes care of it all. Well, that is not true. Your efforts will always be appreciated. But, it is true that you will have to take care of yourself. So, follow these simple steps to keep your cool because without you, nothing would function properly.



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