Throwback To Vivek Oberoi's Wedding: Invite Worth Crores, Swarovski Crystal Decor And Lush Catering

Bollywood actor, Vivek Oberoi's wedding with Priyanka Alva was one of the most lavish weddings of all time. So, let's have a sneak peek into the same!


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Throwback To Vivek Oberoi's Wedding: Invite Worth Crores, Swarovski Crystal Decor And Lush Catering

Matches are made in heaven, they say. However, it takes time for a person to find their soulmates. But when Cupid strikes, then nothing in this world can stop two people from falling in love. Something similar had happened with Bollywood actor, Vivek Oberoi. Vivek was once madly in love with the evergreen beauty, Aishwarya Rai, but their love story couldn't blossom. However, he was left shattered when Aishwarya parted ways with him and left him alone.

Soon, Vivek Oberoi had found love again in the arms of Priyanka Alva, who is the daughter of former Karnataka minister, Jeevaraj Alva, and a renowned social worker, Nandini Alva. The actor took the entire nation by surprise with the sudden announcement of his wedding and left his female fans heartbroken. Vivek and Priyanka's wedding was so lavish that it is still counted as one of the most expensive weddings of all time. So, without further ado, let's have a sneak peek inside Vivek and Priyanka's opulent wedding.

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Vivek Oberoi And Priyanka Alva's Love Story

After his breakup with actress, Aishwarya Rai, Vivek Oberoi had given up on love. However, his mother was keen to get him married and coaxed him into meeting Priyanka Alva in Florence. Vivek was enjoying his me-time in London, and he was reluctant to go visit her. However, after his mother's constant persuasion, Vivek agreed to travel to Florence to meet Priyanka. The actor had made a plan of getting Priyanka to dislike him, but the moment he saw her, all his plans vanished. Bowled over by Priyanka’s simplicity, Vivek couldn't stop himself from falling for her. After spending a day together and enjoying the picturesque landscape of Florence, Vivek and Priyanka knew that they have found their soulmate.

Vivek Oberoi And Priyanka Alva's Wedding

Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva's wedding took place in Bangalore on October 29, 2010, and it was attended by many Bollywood celebrities and political party leaders. Their grand wedding had become the talk of the town, courtesy of its grandeur. At the wedding, the couple complemented each other in Tarun Tahiliani's wedding trousseau and exuded regal vibes. Vivek donned a sherwani set in deep maroon brocade and carried a sword to the wedding. On the other hand, Priyanka opted for a maroon lehenga encrusted with precious stones. Moreover, the ensemble had fourteen different colours on the panels of her lehenga, along with peacock motifs all over it. Priyanka completed her look with gold heirloom jewellery, which was studded with radiant rubies. 

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Vivek Oberoi And Priyanka Alva's Wedding Decor

Reportedly, Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva's family shelled out more than Rs. 1 crore at the lavish wedding. However, most of all, the royal-themed wedding is popular for its exquisite decoration. The unique Karnataka and Punjabi style wedding with its ostentatious food lawns, plush catering arrangements, and oh-so-lavish decor still tops the charts of the best B-town weddings ever. Apart from it, the wedding mandap was decorated with flowers imported from Czechoslovakia and Italy, along with 25,000 Swarovski crystals. Moreover, some exclusive flowers were used to make traditional rangoli at the wedding venue.

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Vivek Oberoi And Priyanka Alva's Wedding Invite Worth Rs. 11.54 crores

A Wedding invite is one of the most important components of a wedding, and its presentation matters a lot. For Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva's wedding, their families had sent out unique wedding invites to the card. However, you'll be surprised to know that Vivek and Priyanka's wedding invites reportedly cost a whopping amount of Rs. 11.54 crores. Yes, you read that right! Are you also wondering what was so special about the wedding invite that it cost so much? Well, being environment-conscious people, Vivek and Priyanka had send out eco-friendly invites.

The wedding invite was kept inside a beautiful two-tiered box which looked like a jewellery box that can be recycled and reused. Along with it, some chocolates, a car pass, unique invites for various functions, directions to the venue and a hospitality card with the entire contact list were also given to the guests. The first tier of the box had a Ganjifa painting wrapped inside a red satin cover and an explanatory red card featuring information about the painting scribbled on it with golden letters. On the second tier, there were two neatly-packed red and golden boxes of delicious chocolates.

For the unversed, Ganjifa is a traditional art form of Karnataka, which is expensive to create. These miniature paintings are usually done on a round-shaped base made using materials such as paper pulp, leaves, fibre or sea shells. Moreover, natural dyes are used to make the painting on it. However, the Alva-Oberoi family had asked the artists to use crushed gemstones and real gold instead of synthetic dyes to make the paintings. Thus, all these factors increased the cost of the opulent invite, making it nothing short of a treasure.

In an interview with a leading media portal, the then-bride, Priyanka Alva's mother, Nandini Alva, had opened up about the lavish wedding invite and revealed that she had personally put the invites together. She also talked about how she and her son made sure that the artist community benefits from their gesture and had added:

"My son and I run an NGO. So, for Priyanka's wedding, we wanted to make sure artisans benefit and zeroed in on the Ganjifa box, which is a non-expensive commercial art that's mass-produced. It's our way of giving back to the artist community." 

Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva's wedding was indeed one of the most expensive weddings in Bollywood. We are stunned by the hefty amount spent by both the families on the lavish wedding. What about you? Let us know.

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