Unseen Picture Of Jeetendra With Ekta And Tusshar From Their Childhood Days Is All About Nostalgia

Jeetendra dotes on his children, Ekta Kapoor and Tusshar Kapoor. We recently stumbled upon an unseen picture of the siblings with their father.


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Unseen Picture Of Jeetendra With Ekta And Tusshar From Their Childhood Days Is All About Nostalgia

We all have some beautiful childhood memories with our parents, where all we cared about was completing our home works and then go out to play with friends. And as we grow old, awe cherish, recollect the good golden days of our lives. We crave to get the same attention from our parents and go back in time to live a carefree life. And what is the best way than taking a trip down the memory lane and looking at throwback pictures. Today, we bring you an adorable childhood picture of Ekta and Tusshar Kapoor with their father, Jeetendra. (Also Read: When AR Rahman Converted To Islam And Left His Name Dilip Kumar To Be Alive, After His Abba's Demise)

Born as Ravi Kapoor, Jeetendra is one of the finest actors of Indian cinema. He had met Shobha Kapoor when he was struggling to make a mark in Bollywood. In 1974, the two had embarked their happily ever after. Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor are proud parents of soap opera queen, Ekta Kapoor and actor, Tusshar Kapoor and are living a happy life with their grandchildren, Ravi Kapoor and Laksshya Kapoor.


While scrolling through our social media feeds, we have stumbled upon a monochrome picture of Jeetendra with Tusshar and Ekta. In the picture, the brother-sister duo was looking adorable as they had sat on their father's lap and had happily posed for the camera. Jeetendra has often revealed in his various interviews that how he rarely got any time with his kids because of his busy schedules. However, this throwback picture of him with his children speaks volumes about the love he has for them.


In a lot of interviews and media interactions, Ekta Kapoor had revealed that her parents are the reason behind her success and growth. The doting parents had given the room to their daughter to find herself, what she wants to become and then had helped her in achieving those dreams. On TED Talks India Nayi Soch, Ekta had revealed how her father, Jeetendra had reacted when he was asked to buy gold for his daughter by someone instead of investing in her career. Proudly revealing what her father, Jeetendra had said, Ekta had recalled, “The gold should be within her. What will she do with tangible gold?” Stressing on the same, Ekta had continued, “I want every girl to find the gold within her. And that gold should shine on the entire world.” (Also Read: Remembering Rishi Kapoor And Neetu Kapoor's Love Story, He Invited His Mom-In-Law To Live With Them)


When in January 2019, Ekta Kapoor had welcomed a baby boy via surrogacy and had named him, Ravie Kapoor after her father, Jeetendra a.k.a., Ravi Kapoor, the elated grandfather had expressed his feelings in an interview with the Mid-Day. The proud grandfather of two had stated, “Shobha and I were over the moon when we heard it first. We are looking forward to him coming home. Our family makes daily rounds of the suburban hospital where the baby is currently under supervision. My family says he (Ravie) looks just like me, but then, a child's looks keep changing every day. It's tough to say who he will resemble in the future. Now, I have Laksshya and Ravie — they are the apple of my eye. I can die peacefully now as both my babies have their own babies.”

Ekta Kapoor with her nephew

Ekta’s brother and actor, Tusshar Kapoor had also embraced fatherhood through surrogacy and has a son whom the family had lovingly named, Laksshya Kapoor. In an interview to Firstpost, Jeetendra had said that it doesn’t matter if one is married or single, what matters is to be happy in life. He had elaborated, "I believe one must be happy in life. (It doesn't matter) whether you are married or single. For me, the idea was that Tusshar and Ekta should have someone to come back home to. A baby is the biggest blessing and responsibility to have. With responsibility comes to passion, love, happiness and a purpose in life. There cannot be a bigger responsibility than taking care of a baby." (Also Read: Jaya Bachchan Shares Her Views On Amitabh Bachchan And Rekha Working Together In Throwback Interview)


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