When AR Rahman Converted To Islam And Left His Name Dilip Kumar To Be Alive, After His Abba's Demise

Legendary music composer and singer, AR Rahman, converted to Islam after his father's demise to stay alive and overcome suicidal thoughts. Take a look!


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When AR Rahman Converted To Islam And Left His Name Dilip Kumar To Be Alive, After His Abba's Demise

Indian cinema needs no introduction as every year more than 1800 films get produced in various languages in different parts of the country. However, there are still only six Indians in all these decades, who had lifted the prestigious statuette in their hands. One of them is Abdul Rahman better known as AR Rahman, the only Indian, who had won two Academy Awards in 2009 for his incredible work in the films, Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours. The multi-talented artist needs no introduction as he is one of the greatest names in this country's history and is loved by everyone for his humble and grounded nature. (Recommended Read: When Ranbir Kapoor Teased Priyanka Chopra By Taking Her Ex-Boyfriend's Name During An Interview)

However, not many people are aware that AR Rahman was a Hindu and had converted after his father's demise during his teenage days. The demise of his father had disturbed their family to the core of their hearts. They had sunk deep into poverty, and every day, AR Rahman had thought of committing suicide. But it was Sufi Islam that had changed his and his family's life forever. Scroll down to know it all!

Once in an interview with the Press Trust Of India, Oscar-winning music composer, AR Rahman had talked about his life's most challenging and crucial phase, when he had lost his father during his early childhood days. The little teen was traumatised by the heartbreaking reality and had planned suicide almost every day of that brutal time. At the same time, on the other side, his mother, Kareema Begum had gotten influenced by Sufism and had decided to convert into Islam. Rahman had also become a constant follower of a renowned peer, Qadri Saaheb and was impressed by his values and teachings. Hence, he was also convinced to get converted into Islam, and the mother-son duo had gone to an astrologer in order to select a new name for the young kid. The astrologer had given them two names, Abdul Rahman and Abdul Rahim, to choose from. Both Kareema ji and Rahman had chosen Abdul Rahman, and the rest is history.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, AR Rahman had recalled his father's demise and had revealed how the biggest shock of his life had changed him and had transformed him into a fearless person. He had explained, "Up until 25, I used to think about suicide. Most of us feel they are not good enough. Because I lost my father, there was this void... There were so many things happening. (But) that in a way made me more fearless. Death is a permanent thing for everyone. Since everything created has an expiry date, so why be afraid of anything?" (Don't Miss: When Sakshi Singh Dhoni Dedicated Her Tattoos To Mahendra Singh Dhoni And Daughter, Ziva Singh Dhoni)

In an interview with Scroll.in back in 2015, AR Rahman had revealed that no one had forced him, his mother, and his sister to convert into Islam, not even the peer, Qadri Saaheb. The singer had revealed that it was their personal decision and the sole reason behind it was the beautiful teachings of Sufi Islam. He had also given some of the examples of the values he had learned from Islam. For instance, he had said, "The important thing for me is that I learned about equality and the oneness of God. Whether you are a winner or loser, king or slave, short or tall, rich or poor, sinner or saint, ugly or beautiful - regardless of what colour you are, God showers unlimited love and mercy on us if we choose to receive it." The singer had also credited society for never questioning his conversion in the bad light and always respecting his family's decision to convert to Islam. (Also Read: When Nargis Said 'Meena Kumari Maut Mubarak Ho', Revealed She Was Beaten By Her Husband Kamal Amrohi)

AR Rahman's Mother, Kareema Begum Dies In Chennai, Music Composer Shares Her Picture On Twitter

We are glad that AR Rahman found Islam and didn't commit suicide!

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