7 Serious Health Risks Of Drinking Diet Soda; Here's What It Does To Your Body


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7 Serious Health Risks Of Drinking Diet Soda; Here's What It Does To Your Body

Opening a can of soda that has 'diet' written over it might give you mental satisfaction but trust us, it is nothing more than just a name. Diet sodas claim to be healthy but the truth is far from it. They contain just as much sugar and various gases as other regular sodas.

Read the truth about these diet sodas that will pop your bubble!

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#1. They are loaded with artificial sugars

The main reason why some people prefer diet sodas over regular sodas is because they claim to contain less sugar. The truth is that they are loaded with artificial sugars like aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin, acesulfame-k and sucralose that do more harm to your body than the natural sugars. Since the flavour of artificial sugars is more intense, they dull your senses towards naturally sweet food products like fruits.

#2. It can make you a target for type 2 Diabetes and heart attacks

These artificial sugars trigger insulin which makes your body prone to type 2 Diabetes. They increase your chances of getting this permanent disease by 36%. The metabolic syndrome caused by these artificial sugars includes high blood pressure, elevated glucose levels and raised cholesterol. All these things can make you susceptible to other health problems too that include strokes and heart attacks.

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#3. Weight gain

With all these sugars, weight gain due to diet sodas is inevitable. If you are thinking that just because the word 'diet' is written over it, it is healthy then, you are completely wrong. It will make you gain weight at a rapid speed. Along with that, the diet sodas majorly hit the waistline by adding inches to it.

#4. They have zero nutritional value

Diet sodas make millions of claims that they have the goodness of real fruits in them but in all honesty, they are nothing but highly aerated liquids with artificial flavours in them. All you can derive out of them is sugar, carbon and many more diseases. So, do not consume them with the hope of getting some fruity benefit.

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#5. With diet sodas, migraine is on its way

Another problem that the excess amount of artificial sugars can do is to give you migraine. The high amount of artificial sugars can lead to severe headaches that can convert into migraine with frequent consumption.

#6. Lower bone density

Researchers have found that diet soda can lower bone density with regular consumption. This is more prominent in the female consumers. It makes them prone to osteoporosis.

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#7. Diet coke and depression

This 'diet' coke has been found to trigger depression in regular consumers. The artificial sugar and carbon present in the diet soda play with your mind to such an extent that it can push you towards depression.

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Regular sodas and diets sodas are not very different. They are loaded with sugars and various forms of carbon that will only cause harm to your body. Don't be fooled just because of some words. Eat and drink wisely for a healthy life.