Trendsetter: 7 Superb Styling Tips For Indian Brides Who Wish To Get Married In Jeans And T-Shirt


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Trendsetter: 7 Superb Styling Tips For Indian Brides Who Wish To Get Married In Jeans And T-Shirt

Almost every girl dreams of having a beautiful and lavish wedding. After all, it is going to be the day when she would be dressed in a royal outfit and beautiful accessories to look no less than a princess, and all the eyes will be only on her!

Well, for a lot of us, weddings are all about these big as well as small details. But, for some, it is only about the person they want to share their entire life with. In fact, when one of our readers asked us about the styling tips for the brides who wish to get married in jeans and T-shirt instead of a heavy outfit, we realised that there might be many out there, who would be looking for the same idea. And, for all those gorgeous brides-to-be, who actually wish to get married in casual wear, here we get some really cool styling tips for you.

#1. Make it obvious

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These days, you will find a lot of ‘bride and groom T-shirts’ in the market, which are worn by the couple in various functions of their wedding. Well, how about being a bit different from others and wearing them on your wedding day? You two will surely make a super-cool couple, and will also be a style inspiration for a lot more.

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#2. Colour it up

Wear a casual outfit with colours that are considered to be auspicious in your culture. For example, Punjabi brides can go for something in red, maroon or pink; Marathi brides can opt for anything in yellow, green, red or purple. And, in the end, just add a little bling and create a perfect casual bridal look for yourself.

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#3. Mix and match

You can even create a different style by blending traditional and contemporary outfits. Midi or maxi skirt teamed up with an embroidered or embellished crop top, palazzo pants paired up with a traditional kurta, and other such fusion outfits will work wonders for you. And, do not forget wearing a piece of sleek jewellery to complete your look.

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#4. Say it with denims

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While the wedding celebrations mean quite a lot to many brides, for some, it is only about being united with the one they love. And for such lovely ladies, a pair of beautiful jeans, a laced corset top, and a veil or a stole, is just sufficient to make their most special day truly memorable.

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#5. Team up your jeans and T-shirt with something that defines you

Even if you are getting married in a jeans and T-shirt, just add something extra that truly defines your style. This can be anything under the sun. It can be something, like your wedding band, a watch you cannot part with, a nail paint that defines you, your most-valued sunglasses, or anything else that is just too close to your heart! Even as this thing is the minutest part of what you wear, it will be the biggest part of who you are. Not only will it allow you to be what you actually are, but will also make you feel confident as you would be stepping into your new life.

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#6. Be true to yourself

If your style statement has always been a T-shirt or any other casual outfit, then why change it now? Instead, add an exciting accessory to your overall look, and make your plain outfit absolutely bride-ready. For example, you can team up your simple floral dress with a trendy hat, to look like a chic casual bride. Believe us, you would look your best when you will be dressed in your all-time favourite outfit!

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#7. Wear it with a smile

Nothing else can match the happiness you get when you follow your heart! Then why not do the same on the most important day of your life? So, just wear what makes you happy. Be comfortable, and do not worry about anything else. And, we are sure your partner will love it as well.

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Well ladies, if you do not like idea of getting dressed up on your wedding, then there is no need to do so just because every bride does it! Instead, create your own style and let others follow it!

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