10 People Every Bride Should Stay Away From While Shopping For Her Wedding Trousseau


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10 People Every Bride Should Stay Away From While Shopping For Her Wedding Trousseau

Shopping for the wedding dress is one of the most important retail therapies that a girl indulges in. She starts planning for her wedding look from the time when she is just a small girl. After all, every bride wants to look absolutely flawless on her big day. Thus, all this makes wedding dress shopping a very crucial task for her.

Well ladies, since it is a very important thing for you, you must be wary of whom you should go shopping with for your wedding dress. While some people will help you during shopping, others will only ruin it. So, we have some pointers for you to consider before selecting the bunch of people who will help you in selecting your perfect wedding dress.

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#1. Anti-moderns

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Gone are the days when brides would have to stick to the traditional red lehenga that would cover them up completely. Nowadays, bridal outfits are getting modern and chic, where the bride gets a chance to flaunt her curves. Every bride works hard on her body before her D-day, so, she has every right to show it off. So, keep away from those who are still living in the previous century. They have not adapted according to the modern times, and they never will.

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#2. Budget controllers

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Bridal lehenga does not come cheap, so, we all prepare a budget before we decide to call our designer or step into the boutique. But sometimes, we choose a dress that exceeds the decided amount by a margin. In this case, most of us will increase the budget and go for the dress we desire. Now, there will be some people who will just stick to the numbers. Spending even an extra penny will not go down well with them. Do not shop with such people because you don't shop for your bridal lehenga every year. Going a little overboard with the budget is acceptable.

#3. Fixed point of view

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We usually have an idea about the kind of wedding dress that we want to buy, and so does the one who goes shopping with us. Always be flexible with your choice. Sometimes, we come across a better option, but because of our fixed notions, we lose a masterpiece. Try not to be rigid, and make sure that those who join you for shopping are not rigid either.

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#4. Know-it-all

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Nobody likes an ‘I-know-it-all' attitude. Going with an experienced person is a different thing, but those who pretend to have a superior knowledge will just give you a headache. Since they claim to have knowledge about everything, they will express a rigid view point about the collection even before stepping inside the showroom. They are going to ruin the joy of shopping.

#5. Indecisive

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Not even a single bride is sure of what she wants for her wedding lehenga. And, that is absolutely normal. So, you need to take along those who can weigh the points and come to a conclusion. You do not need those people that are as indecisive as you. Your shopping buddies must help you in taking a final call.

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#6. Those who do not know your taste

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Everyone has an individual style and when you go shopping for your bridal lehenga, you should take people who have an impeccable style sense. But, while selecting your bunch, be sure that their personalities and style are compatible to yours. You do not want someone who does not know your taste. After all, you do not want to end up buying a wrong dress!

#7. The pushy ones

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Just like we mentioned in the above point, people have their own unique style. You may or may not agree with them, but when it comes to buying the wedding lehenga, you must not force yourself to see things from their perspective. Avoid those people who consider that their fashion sense is the best one. Do not let them coax you into buying something that does not complement your personality.

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#8. The busy ones


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Who is not busy these days? But, buying a wedding dress is a chance that everyone gets only once in their life. In simple words, do not ask someone who is very busy to go with you. They will always be in a rush, so, counting their vote in choosing your lehenga will not be a well-thought one.

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#9. Those who live in a well

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Fashion is forever changing and no one would like to don something that is not in trend, especially a bride. So, the people who are supposed to help you in choosing your wedding lehenga, must be the ones who do not live in a well. They must be updated when it comes to fashion. You do not want to get dressed in something that is not in vogue and was worn by someone ages ago.

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#10. Just one side

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As a bride, you must be having a lot of aspirations regarding your wedding dress. Well, you are not the only one; your family and your fiancé’s family will have them too. When you decide to go shopping for your wedding lehenga, make sure that you have asked people from both the sides to join you. If it is your big day, it is their big day too. Try to take into consideration their ideas as well.

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Figuring out what to wear for the wedding is not just 'shopping' for a bride, it is an experience altogether. So, you have to completely be sure about the people who will accompany you on this journey. Listen to them, but make sure that you are the one who makes the final call.

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