14 Signs That Show Your Partner Is Absolutely Trustworthy And A Total Keeper


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14 Signs That Show Your Partner Is Absolutely Trustworthy And A Total Keeper

What is the recipe for whipping up the most desirable relationship? Especially, when you are about to marry a guy whom you either know from a long time or have just met recently. Yes, we agree that love, commitment, and space are important, but most important out of all of these is trust. If you do not trust your spouse, your marriage will never be a success and will always be hanging mid-air, on the verge of a break-up anytime. So, how do you know whether you can trust your future husband or not? He will obviously try to be all-perfect around you always. Here are some traits you should observe in his behaviour to find out if you can trust him or not.

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#1. He will never have a phone lock code around you

He has nothing personal, illicit or confidential to hide from you. So, either he does not have a phone lock code, or you already know the code to it.

#2. He will always do what he says

He is a man of his words. He likes to finish what he starts, and that is a very important quality of a trustworthy partner, who is reliable too.

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#3. He will never leave the room talking in a suspiciously low tone when you are with him

He is an open book in front of you. You know everything about him, his friends, his co-workers and the issues in his life. So, if he gets a personal call in front of you, he talks very normally as you already know what it might be about.

#4. However good or bad you may feel about it, he is honest in communicating his feelings to you

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Irrespective of the fact whether the truth might seem hurtful to you, he says it as he sees it. To the point, true, just and clear! So, if you ask him for his opinion, be ready to hear only the truth without the sugar-coating!

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#5. He does not consider gossip to be healthy

Gossiping has a negative feel to it, along with being contagious. Also, you only get more against a person the more you gossip about them. So, he usually avoids doing so. What a guy, right?

#6. He is open about the idea of discussing exes

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He is now committed to you. For him, the past is long gone and buried where it should be and he has made peace with it. That is why, either he himself or you talking about exes never makes him uncomfortable.

#7. He notices small things

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The way you do your hair, the nail polish colour you love, your favourite muffin or your most favourite clothes! And, it feels lovely to be with a person who takes heed of such small yet meaningful things in your life.

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#8. He is very close to his core group of friends

If he has a close group of friends, who have all been with him since long, well that is because they all trust him, and enjoy his company! If he was not someone they could trust, they would not stick around with him for so long.

#9. He is not a blame game believer

He is mature enough to take responsibility for his own actions, and never plays blame games with either you or others in his life. Therefore, you never have to worry about being blamed for things that are not your fault! Bliss, right?

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#10. He always shows up and is very punctual

You can trust him completely that he will neither set you up, cancel on you at the last moment, or keep you waiting. He respects not only his own, but everyone else’s time too, and that is what makes him such a gentleman!

#11. Your guy friends do not make him jealous

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He is in a secure place in the relationship. He trusts you and knows you will not cheat on him. He gives you your space instead of being jealous, and you can genuinely see that in his mannerisms. What is more? Well, because of this nature, your guy friends are pallier with him now, more than they are with you. Jealous much? You should not be, as it is actually a good thing!

#12. His Facebook is not full of girls’ profiles

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He obviously has female friends, but you do not see the ratio of boys is to girls as being 10 is to 90, or that all his profile pictures are liked only by his female friends, and he too only likes or comments on his ‘girl’ friends' posts!

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#13. He trusts your word

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If you said it once, he does not question you again! He knows that he can trust you blindly, and expects the same from you in return. Be it your girls' night out, your late nights at office or any other thing, you will not have to attend a hundred calls or texts from him. That is the kind of faith he has in you. Only unless, he is worried about your safety, for which he might call a few times. Adorable, right?

#14. He is open about your relationship status on social media

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You are getting married to him, and he is proud of that fact. Not only is he happy, but he also wants to share his excitement with the world. So, he is open about your relationship on social networking sites. He posts pictures, puts up status updates, and does check-ins of the two of you all the time. Well if not all the time, then at least sometimes!

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Knowing that you are with a guy who does not have anything to hide from you and whom you can trust without a doubt is a relieving feeling. You will certainly have a great future together that is free from doubts, blame games and cheating. So, if you are going to get married soon, be sure to look for these traits in him!