22-Point Open Letter To All Women Out There From Their Future Husbands- 'Nailed To Perfection'


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22-Point Open Letter To All Women Out There From Their Future Husbands- 'Nailed To Perfection'

Marriage is as exciting and scary for men as it is for women. There are a lot of anxieties, expectations, apprehensions and reservations that both the partners have when they are about to tie the knot.

And though they want to ask and tell each other a lot many things, somehow, they do not find the right words or the right time to exhibit their feelings to each other. Thus, we took the liberty of being every man’s voice and saying all the things they want to say to their future wives but couldn’t.

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#1. Now that you will be moving into my family, I will always have your back

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Even though you might not trust me enough to do that, I will be there standing beside you at every high or low moment of your new, or even better, “our” new life together.

#2. You don’t need to leave your studies or work

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If you wish to pursue further education or any other professional course, you have my support in going forward and doing it. We will work out our routine according to your course timings and you also do not need to quit working post-marriage. It is your own individual decision.

#3. We are in this together

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I don’t promise that we will only have good happy times. There will be lows, there will be hardships; but good or bad, we will sail through the tides together, hand in hand.

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#4. You are a mature and sensible woman- much capable of deciding what to and what not to wear

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I will never restrict you from wearing anything that you truly wish to. You are mature enough to know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate and so, you are free to choose your own wardrobe.

#5. Go hang out with your friends whenever you want

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Getting married to me does not mean that I expect you to break all contact with your friends. Catch up with them whenever you get time. Friends are our most precious possessions and meeting often keeps us stay connected.

#6. And allow me to do the same

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And by the same token, I would really appreciate if you allow me to do the same without getting angry.

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#7. Be open to suggestions

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We both are entitled to having personal opinions about certain issues. While I will never force you to succumb to mine, I would want you to at least hear me out. I also know that your suggestions would make more sense, but be open to mine too.

#8. If you don’t want to do it, you just need to say NO. Just hugging you and watching TV together is even better

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If it’s a no, it’s a no. No more questions asked!

#9. Please don’t come in between me and my cricket/football

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I am a guy and watching my game is my religion. This is one thing I beg you to respect and let me watch my games interruption-free. And if you would join me in the action, there is nothing more I could ask for.

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#10. And I will take you out shopping whenever you wish to

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You give some you take some, right? Even though that is something I dread doing, for you, anything!

#11. I will help you with the house work

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It is as much my home as it is yours, then why do you get to do all the work. Let us split responsibilities right from the beginning and feel free to scold me on things I do wrong.

#12. Whenever I am home, tell me things you need help with

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Fixing the bulbs, calling the plumber, getting the groceries, bathing the dog; I am your handyman babe!

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#13. We both need to take out time to travel if not twice then at least once a year

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However busy are schedules might be, we need to take time off and explore the world, open up to new possibilities and discover all the newness and excitement every destination has to offer.

#14. You don’t need to cook when you are tired, unwell or late from work

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And isn’t that why home delivery was invented anyway? Well, at least I thought so! But Italian, Chinese, Indian or Thai, I get to decide that ;)

#15. I will love your family like it is my own and would expect that from you too

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We both aren’t marrying just each other, but our respective families too. And I will make every effort to be the best son-in-law ever. In fact, I would strive to be their new son and not the one enforced upon them by law. And I hope you would do the same for my parents too.

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#16. Let us be best buddies and share what goes on in our minds with each other

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Let’s communicate, let’s not hold back our feelings and thoughts, and let us always be in the loop of what all goes on in each other’s life every day! In short, let us be the best of friends.

#17. We will have a baby when you want one and not when people tell us to have one

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You are the one who needs to carry the baby for 9 months in your womb, take a lot of pains, quit your job and go through drastic weight fluctuations. Thus, you get to be the judge of when is the right time to plan. My family or I will never force you on this matter.

#18. Give me some time to get used to your PMS

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I have definitely heard and read about it too but haven’t ever faced it. So give me some time to sink it in and once that’s done, I will be the perfect punching bag for you when you are PMSing.

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#19. We will hang out, A LOT!

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Why not? We are still young and have no major responsibilities on us. So before we plan to become parents and even after that (whenever you are comfortable), we will party like there is no tomorrow!

#20. Both of ours careers are equally important

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And I will never treat your work any less than mine. If I can have late night meetings, business trips or transfers, so can you. Your career or my career together equals our future!

#21. I will look you in the eye when you walk towards me

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I know you will be nervous and scared while walking down the aisle towards me. But remember to look at me because I will not take my eyes off yours even for a moment, and that’s my way of showing you that I am always there and it will all be perfect!

#22. I can’t wait to start my life with you

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And finally, just like you, I too am counting days to finally be with you, together, forever and ever. Time seems to have stopped and I can’t wish for anything else than to fast forward it to our wedding day.

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And in the end, just be happy to have said yes, just look forward to our D-day, just think of how beautiful our life will be together and before you know it, the day would have arrived that will make us one for all eternity.

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