This Indian Bride And Groom Make The Badass Entry On A Hoverboard At Their Wedding


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This Indian Bride And Groom Make The Badass Entry On A Hoverboard At Their Wedding

Your wedding day is that one day in your entire life where every single thing is about you, all eyes are on you, and you are allowed to go a tad bit crazy and people don’t mind really! Even our celebs have given us awesome reasons to be a little different. 

Remember how Karan Singh Grover looked all cool and funky on that hoverboard, Megha Gupta who looked like the wackiest bride when she rode a bullet or the very charming Yuvraj Singh, who came on a quad bike? These guys redefined how one should make a striking entry, right? 

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Image / YouTube

Not just celebs, even regular couples love to make their wedding one affair to remember. Just a few days ago, India witnessed its first underwater wedding and now here’s an Indian couple from Auckland who let go of all things passe and made a fabulous entry at their own wedding.

These guys chucked all ghodi shodi and phoolon ki chaadar tradition, and went for self-balancing hoverboards while entering the venue! Yes, they did and we must say they looked mighty impressive. 

Image / YouTube

A video uploaded by Karan Sharma shows this excited Punjabi bride and groom make the craziest entry most of us dream of. 

Here’s the video that’s winning everyone’s hearts on the internet. 

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This was indeed one badass couple right? Will you try something similar on your wedding too? Share with us in the comments below.