This Couple Made Us Fall In Love With Them But It Was Her Father Who Truly Made Us Cry


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This Couple Made Us Fall In Love With Them But It Was Her Father Who Truly Made Us Cry

Sometimes people meet, and then go their separate ways, only to cross paths again years later. If this sounds like the plotline of some Bollywood romantic movie, then think again! This is exactly what happened to a real life couple, Somya and Abhishek. They met, then parted ways, only to meet again and fall sweetly in love. The two had a truly lavish wedding ceremony at Fairmont Hotel in Jaipur, and it had everything in it, from emotions, to rituals, to dance, music and lots of love! And, that is why we could not stop ourselves from sharing their story with you.

So, watch this video to believe exactly how adorable this couple actually is!

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Jab nazre mili

Somya and Abhishek's eyes met in a coaching class when they were in 8th grade. They both liked each other, so much so that Abhishek confessed he went to those classes only to meet her! But, nothing else happened at that time, and they moved on with their lives.

Destined to be together!

As fate would have it, they crossed each other’s paths seven years later during their medical entrance exams. In spite of the fact that they lived in the same city, Bhopal, all that time, they never met again until then. They enrolled in the same college for their post-graduation (MD) course, and they were diagnosed with love!

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When Somya told her sister about meeting Abhishek again, her sister warned her to stay away from him, as her parents were already looking for potential grooms for her at the point.

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While blushing, Somya says,

“You never know when you are in love, you never know, and with him I felt okay, this is how love could be. It was very different and very special for me.”

Daddy's little girl

Just like any other girl, Somya too has been daddy’s little princess. But, eventually she grew up, and fell in love with Abhishek, deciding to walk the rest of her life holding his hand. One of the most touching moments in this video are the words her father dedicates to her.

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After Abhishek’s arrival in her life, her father suddenly realised, his little girl is all grown up. A daughter’s wedding is a very emotional period for fathers, and it was the same for Somya’s dad. In each and every ritual and ceremony, you can see in the video, the sadness through his eyes, knowing that their little girl will soon be leaving them behind. He seemed to come to terms with his daughter’s wedding by saying, “Yeh jag ki reet hai, sabko nibhani hoti hai, hume bhi nibhani hai, usey bhi nibhani hai.

When Somya was a child, her father used to sing her lullabies. When she was about to leave babul ka angan, he wrote a beautiful poem just for her.

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Her father's emotions are expressed beautifully in the lines of the poem he dedicated to his daughter. And here are a few lines from that poem:

"Samay ka chakra kuch aisa chala ki pata hi na chala kab badi ho gayi meri bitiya."

"Dhundegi meri aankhein ab tumhe yaha waha, jane kaha kaha, har pal bahut yaad aayegi tu, meri bitiya"

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While Somya and Abhishek's love made us smile, it was her father's poem that totally made us emotional. We wish Somya and Abhishek continue to be happy and blessed in their married life!

Video and Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story

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