14 Things You Should Be Aware Of Before You Date A Girl Who Likes To Be Alone


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14 Things You Should Be Aware Of Before You Date A Girl Who Likes To Be Alone

While most girls dream of finding their perfect match, a partner in crime, someone who belongs to them, there also are a few females who do not find anything exciting about that. Being alone does not scare them.

And just because they enjoy their own company does not mean that they are loners. It just means that they are confident and independent women who are not looking for love but when they find it, they will certainly cherish it.

So guys, if you too are beginning a relationship with a girl who is not afraid of being alone, rather, she enjoys being by herself, here are things you should know.

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#1. She is not waiting for any prince charming

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She is self-sufficient in every manner and does not believe in waiting for a knight in shining armor who would come riding on his beautiful white horse and rescue her. That for her is just a fairytale.

#2. She will not pick up after you

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So, you need to get more organised and start cleaning up your own mess. If at all, then she is just interested in having an equal relationship status and most definitely, not just being your domestic help.

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#3. She does not want someone who is needy

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She will not wait on hand and foot on you to do as you say. Needy men are most unattractive to self-sufficient women. You need to be a go-getter, someone who is quick in doing his own work.

#4. She enjoys her space, a lot

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And that is also one reason why not being with someone does not bother her. She enjoys doing her own stuff, her own way without anyone dictating or correcting her.

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#5. She might have been through a bad break-up recently

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If she likes to be alone but seems to be sad, it could be because of a recent break-up. Lend her your shoulder to cry and heal. She is vulnerable but not readily available!

#6. She will give you lot more space than you expected

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Because she enjoys her own space so much, she knows its importance and gives you lot more than you asked for! You both do have a life together but have your individual ones too.

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#7. She is super adventurous- the flying solo sorts!

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If you cancel on her last minute or refuse to go with her somewhere, she will not ask you twice. She is confident enough to go shopping, catch a movie, a cup of coffee, try out an adventure sport, go on a vacation and so many more things all by herself.

#8. She will not open up to you immediately

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She does not trust or open up very easily. She is not an open book, so it is you who will have to put in a lot of effort to make her comfortable with you and trust you.

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#9. She will not take any kind of criticism or taunts

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Why should she or any other woman for that matter be subjected to criticism? She does not need any unwanted suggestions and will ask you herself when she needs any!

#10. She will always ‘Go Dutch’

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That is a sign of how independent and confident she is. She believes in equality of the sexes. She is not a rigid feminist but a woman with a lot of self-respect. And that is not a bad thing at all!

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#11. She would want you to respect her free-willed lifestyle

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If she wants to roam about in her short clothes at home, if she wants to drink straight out of a bottle, if she wants to gulp down two pizzas or anything else; she wants you to respect her space and the way she wants to live her life.

#12. She is not in this relationship just for fun

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If she is with you, she’s in this relationship with all her heart. Don’t hurt her ever. She will treasure this relationship always and put in her best to make it work! So you should too.

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#13. She does not need a handyman

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She will never depend on you to get her work done. Be it fixing small things in the house or going to a faraway market to get some spices, she will do everything that she can do herself comfortably without disturbing or being dependent on you.

#14. She is blunt and straightforward

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She does not believe in sugar coating anything. For her, black is black and white is white. She is honest and upfront but that does not label her to be a rude or insensitive person. She is only just and to the point!

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If she enjoys it and is not scared of being alone, you need to be yourself with her. If you are fake, she will spot that very soon and would not take a minute to leave you. She does what she says and isn’t afraid of the consequences. 

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