10 Things You Need To Know Before You Decide To Date A Guy Who Has A Lot Of Female Friends


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10 Things You Need To Know Before You Decide To Date A Guy Who Has A Lot Of Female Friends

Having a guy in your life who is surrounded by female company can be threatening to your own relationship with him, right? Wrong! Even though you might not agree with us, but being with a guy who is popular amongst his female pals can be a very attractive quality about him. Not all guys are cheats, some are popular with the opposite sex because of their caring and protective nature.

So, without having any doubts in your mind, if you really love him and feel that you two are meant to be, do take your relationship to a serious level.

And, here are the reasons that will convince you why we are right and having him in your life is a great thing!

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#1. He has a soft and sensitive side too

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That is the reason he has so many female friends because he gets them. He is not macho all the time and that attracts all that female attention. Haven’t you always wanted a man like that?

#2. He will make plans with them but that should not scare you

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He is their friend and friends do hang out together, right? He will make you a part of the plans too but sometimes, because you are busy or not available, the plans might continue without you too! That doesn’t mean he will cheat on you.

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#3. You are really special

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He is surrounded by all that female attention but out of all the lovely ladies, he chose to be with you. That is because you mean something special to him, you both connect and you are the one he chooses to be with truly and with all his heart and soul.

#4. He will be a good listener

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Because if he is surrounded by his ‘girl’ friends more than often, that is one thing he has become a pro at. And isn’t that the top most quality every girl wants in a guy, to be a good and attentive listener?

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#5. Your mom will love him

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Because he is good with girls and has a way to woo them in the right sense, he will be the darling son that your mom always wanted. Mark our words, he will help your mom in the kitchen, ask her out to join you in your plans and bitch about you with her all day long! What else does a daughter’s mother want?

#6. His WhatsApp chats will have long friendly girl chats as well

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So do not be a possessive girlfriend and stress about checking his phone whenever he is not around but his phone is. He treats them as ‘just’ his friends. Your stress will only upset you and cause problems in your relationships for no reason at all.

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#7. His female friends might or not envy you

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They might like you a lot or feel jealous of you for taking him away from them. Whichever way it is, just relax and deal to live with it your own way!

#8. He will be really protective about you

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Guys who understand girls in a way where they really want to and they care, learn to become protective. He will always worry about your safety, be there when you need him and make sure he makes time for you.

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#9. He will give you all the space you need

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Because you did not ask him to chose between you and his female friends, he will always respect you for being so understanding and give you your space and the right to choose your own friends too. He will never be an over-protective, possessive or jealous sort of a boyfriend.

#10. But your male friends will be jealous of him for sure

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When they see that he has you and a lot of female friends too and the fact that you are okay with it; they will want a life just like his for reasons that are obvious! Because at the end of the day, guys will be guys, right?

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Yes, there are the advantages of dating a guy like this, but then you need to be careful too! He should never take advantage of your carefree nature and trust towards him. He should know where to draw the line, and how much closeness with his friends is acceptable to you, now that you two are in a relationship